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Spring ‘24 Pricing, Discounts, and FAQs
Spring ‘24 Pricing, Discounts, and FAQs
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Free Announcement

Beginning this Spring 2024 season, PlayVS will no longer charge competition fees, enabling high schools to play in our state and regional leagues at no cost. This means students may now participate in scholastic competitions across all games.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is PlayVS announcing this update?

The decision to offer free access to PlayVS' esports platform is driven by a commitment to leveling the playing field for students everywhere, regardless of budget or resources. We are focused on making it easier than ever for schools to offer esports programs so that their students can experience the many benefits associated with competitive gaming – including socialization, character growth and STEAM skills and enabling the company's vision of making esports available to everyone.

When will the Spring season enrollment open /close?

Enrollment for the Spring Season is open now and closes on 2/16/24 at 11:59 PM local time. Find the full schedule here!

When will the Spring season start?

The preseason starts the week of 2/5/24 and the regular season starts the week of 2/19. Find the full schedule here!

How does this update affect my previous or existing enrollment plans?

  • If you have questions regarding an existing enrollment plan, email

  • If you have questions but are not actively competing with PlayVS, email

  • For information on the Billing Process, or how to submit payment for previous seasons, please see our Billing Guide.

If I still have more questions, who can I speak to?

Please direct any additional questions that you may have to your PlayVS’ Customer Success representative. To be connected with your representative, you can email

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