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Parent & Player Esports Contract 2023-2024
Parent & Player Esports Contract 2023-2024
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As a Player for the esports team, I promise to do the following:

  1. Attend practices/meetings/events on time.

  2. Notify my coach (ahead of time) if and why I will be tardy or unable to attend.

  3. Stay focused and engaged throughout the entire practice. Use the practice time to improve and excel in my skills and abilities.

  4. Treat everyone involved with respect. This includes coaches, teammates, officials, and opponents. Foul language, offensive remarks, abuse, or any kind of bullying behavior will not be tolerated.

  5. Communicate with the coaches first if I have a problem related to the team. I will not complain, blame, or disrespect others.

  6. Damage to any property, equipment, or gaming gear will result in player reimbursement.

  7. Use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs will result in immediate removal from the team.

  8. Attend school all day. Each student must attend all day unless excused by school administrators to be eligible to play or practice that day.

  9. Students must maintain good grades and a passing average to participate.

  10. Warm up my wrists, elbows, fingers, shoulders, neck, and back before playing. Warming up body muscles is essential for esports players to prevent injury.


As a Parent of the above-named player, I promise to do the following:

  1. Influence my child to abide by the contract they have signed and do my best to allocate my child’s time so that they can attend all practices and games.

  2. Be an example of good sportsmanship by making only positive comments about the players, keeping criticism of the officiating to a minimum of volume and frequency, and treating our opponents' fans respectfully.

  3. Contact the coaches first if you have a complaint. We can go to the athletic director or principal for arbitration if the complaint is unresolved.

Player Signature __________________________________________________ Date____________

Parent Signature __________________________________________________ Date____________

There is also a Spanish version of this Contract! Click here to view our
Contrato de Esports para Padres y Jugadores 2023-2024


This document was developed in collaboration with PlayVS Super Coaches across the community. Contributors include:

  • West Covina High School (Coach Luna)

  • Madras High School (Coach Herman)

  • Piedmont High School (Coach Mellendorf)

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