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Middle School Fall ‘24 Schedule

The Middle School Fall 2024 Schedule for each title.

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  1. Election Day Reschedules

    • A large majority of schools will be using esports labs as a voting location on 11/5/2024 for Election Day.

    • Any matches taking place on Tuesday 11/5/2024 will now take place on Monday 11/4/2024.

    • Coaches are encouraged to work together to find a time that works best for both on this day.

  2. Console Updates

    • Starting Fall ‘24, console competition will occur on either the Nintendo Switch system (Nintendo leagues), or the PlayStation 5, unless cross-play competition is possible.

    • Once finalized, all cross-play capabilities will be shared in in coach notes and added to each title’s respective rulebook.

  3. General Updates

    • Please check back for changes as new information will be added throughout the season. Season timelines may change for certain esport titles based on any game launches or patch updates.

Important Dates

  • Fall ‘24 Enrollment Opens: 3/27/2024

  • Enrollment Closes: 9/20/24 at 11:59 PM local league time

  • Preseason: Weeks of 9/9/24 & 9/16/24

  • Regular Season: Weeks of 9/23/24 - 12/9/2024

Middle School leagues are Recreational, meaning there will not be a Playoffs or Finals phase for the Fall 2024 season. Competitive leagues will not be offered in the inaugural season unless dictated by the state association, districts, or athletics organization. Learn more in our Middle School Leagues FAQ.

Match Times

4:00 PM League Time

  • Mondays: Practice Day!

    • The Global Practice Day Scrimmage Queue is open
      for all titles on Mondays from 12-7 PM PST.

    • Coaches and players will receive in-app notifications. Coaches will be able to join the practice queue.

  • Tuesdays: NBA 2K25, ChessKid

  • Thursdays: Rocket League (13+)

*Title & Cross-Play Availability: Titles updated on a yearly cadence are subject to unique schedules and rulebook changes until our partners confirm the upcoming release date. Esports programs should not purchase these titles until the version used for PlayVS league play has been confirmed.

Fall ‘24 Schedule

All schools will be provided at least 11 weeks of play during the Fall ‘24 season. Schools will have the option to declare one week during the Regular Season as their dedicated Break Week. No matches will be scheduled for the school’s selected break week across all enrolled esport titles.


Week 1: 9/9/24

Week 2: 9/16/24

Regular Season

Week 1: 9/23/24

Week 2: 9/30/24

Week 3: 10/7/24

Week 4: 10/14/24

Week 5: 10/21/24

Week 6: 10/28/24

Week 7: 11/04/24 (Due to Election Day, any matches taking place on Tuesday 11/5/2024 will now take place on Monday 11/4/2024.)

Week 8: 11/11/24

Week 9: 11/18/24

Week 10: 12/2/24

Week 11: 12/9/24

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