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Middle School Leagues FAQ
Middle School Leagues FAQ
Updated over a week ago

PlayVS is excited to kick off recreational Middle School leagues! We are officially launching Middle School matches to begin for the Fall ‘24 Season.

  1. Is the Middle School league competitive or recreational?

    • Recreational. A recreational league is a non-competitive environment where teams learn the basics of gameplay and teamwork. Competitive leagues will not be offered in the inaugural season unless dictated by the state association, districts, or athletics organization.

  2. When does the Middle School league take place?

    • One master schedule will be used for all middle school leagues. You can find the full Middle School Schedule here.

  3. Will there be Middle School state leagues?

    • Not initially. Middle School state leagues may be added at a later date closer to the Fall season.

  4. What are the game titles being offered as leagues for Middle School?

    • Rocket League (13+), NBA 2K (all ages), and more titles to come. Check back for updates!

  5. How involved are parents?

    • To comply with COPPA, parents will need to create a PlayVS account and complete our verification process to create an account for their children participating in middle school leagues. Information on how to create a parent account can be found in our Middle School Parent Setup Guide.

  6. What information is collected from players under 13 years of age?

    • First name, Last name, date of birth, graduation date, school, school email.

  7. Will there be playoffs or championships for Middle School leagues?

    • No, we will not hold playoffs or championships for Middle School leagues. Middle School leagues will consist of only recreational leagues, with 2-week Preseason and 11-week Regular Season phases.

      1. Playoffs and championship phases may be included in potential future state leagues.

  8. How can I enroll a new Middle School team?

    • Coaches can enroll their Middle School team by creating a Coach Account at and following these steps in our Enrollment Guide.

  9. How do I know which leagues are available for my school to enroll in?

    • Once logged into your PlayVS coach account, click on the Competitions page on the left-side menu. A list of all available leagues for your school to enroll in is listed there.

  10. How can I edit or revise my team lineup?

  11. How can I verify if my enrollment info is correct?

    • Once logged into your PlayVS coach account, click the “Manage Teams” page on the left-hand side of your dashboard. From there, click on “Manage Enrollments”.

  12. Will Middle School league winners receive prizing?

    • At the end of each Regular Season, first-place and runner-up teams will receive a trophy.

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