A guide for determining the fundraiser steps for your esports program.

Your esports program may not have all necessary equipment or needs provided by your school. Organizing a fundraiser with specific goals and objectives can be a powerful tool.

In this guide we review:
1. Determine your needs

2. Decide an audience

3. Select a fundraiser type

4. Printable templates coming soon

Determine your Needs

Each esports program has a unique set of needs. Establish a baseline of equipment and costs that your program will need to succeed for the first year.

Brainstorm your program’s needs:

Walk around your school and check for availability for space and equipment. Discuss the possible funds from other activities. Reach out to esports coaches in our Discord for their preferences.

Some basic costs to consider:

  • Computers: tower, mouse, keyboard, and mouse
  • Participation fees
  • Jerseys
  • Snacks

Provide cost estimates:

Review different sites or local businesses for the best prices. Check with your IT department on contracts or deals they may already have with vendors.

Administrative approval:

Most schools require their activities department or administrative approval each fundraiser. It’s also possible that fundraisers and fund allocation must be approved before the start of the school year. Be sure to check before launching your fundraiser!

Decide an Audience

Some types of fundraisers will be more effective with a specific target audience. The audience may be local businesses, families, or the student-body. Plan and market your fundraiser based on the audience type. Consider the space and energy needed to reach out to your selected audience.

Select a Fundraiser Type

Each type of fundraiser provides a unique opportunity for receiving help. Consider your audience and volunteers. You may need to adjust your type based on your venue, activity guidelines, and other local fundraising activities. Check that your fundraiser does not overlap similar types to keep from exhausting your audience.

Sales fundraisers require you, your players, or other stakeholders to sell goods or services.
Examples include:

  • Team Merchandise
  • Candy
  • Services

Some schools or districts have set sponsorships that you use. These may require posting the business’ or sponsor’s logo on team jerseys or streams.
Examples include:

  • Crowd-funding site
  • Jersey sponsor
  • Equipment sponsor
  • Match day catering
  • Watch party catering

Teams can host events that require a donation to enter. These donations may be in money or equipment needed. There are many ideas on the internet for fundraising events.
Examples include:

  • Tournaments
  • 5k or other supportive activity
  • Watch party: LCS, OWL, or Smash
  • Local fundraiser at business
  • Many more can be found on Eventbrite’s suggestion list.


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