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Career Opportunities in the Gaming Industry
Career Opportunities in the Gaming Industry

Career choices and professions in the gaming and esports industry

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Through PlayVS, students can engage in their favorite esports competitions while gaining knowledge of many different career paths all at once. Based on their experience competing with this cutting edge technology, countless students participating on PlayVS benefit by receiving college scholarships and are selected for accelerated opportunities into STEM based careers.

The gaming industry is comprised of many different kinds of distinct science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professionals who combine their skills to bring our favorite characters to life. PlayVS participants are able to enjoy a high quality competitive experience with the contributions of many distinct professionals within the gaming industry.

Professional career paths within the gaming industry include game programming, 2D & 3D animation, audio engineering, quality assurance, legal, education, finance, data, commercial, marketing, research, content management, talent, human resources, software engineering, broadcast, events, and information technology (IT).

Careers & professions in the gaming industry


User interface (UI), Engine, Physics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Tools, Network, Graphics


Animation, motion capture, cinematics, video effects (VFX), video editing, post production, economic development, documentation, narrative, systems management, project management

Audio Production

Audio direction, composition, audio technician, score mixer, voice acting

Quality Assurance

Testing, performance analysis, localization, translation, user experience (UX)


Public relations, research, influencer, product, branding, community, ecommerce, licensing


Teaching, program development


Analysis, science, engineering, mathematics, administration


Content strategist, business development, ad operations, B2B & B2C, partnerships, account management


Accounting, payroll, procurement, tax analysis

Software engineering

Front end, backend, full-stack, app


Producer, stream engineer, replay management, graphic design, lighting, scriptwriting, floor manager, camera operation


Hospitality, licensing, player manager, talent manager, logistics, audio & visual

Information Technology

Networking, security, engineering, technology support, system administration


Caster, host, analyst, interviewer, agent, streamer, content creator

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