A guide for determining the fundraiser steps for your esports program.

Your esports program may not have all necessary equipment or needs provided by your school. Organizing a fundraiser with specific goals and objectives can be a powerful tool.

In this guide we review:

Determine the Needs of Your Program

Each esports program has a unique set of needs. Establish a baseline of equipment and costs that your program will need to succeed for the first year.


Walk around your school and assess space availability to hold both practice and game day. Submit your schedule to the administration and the owner of that space for approval.

Pro-tip for your space

Once your program’s event calendar has been approved, share with your IT department to help begin discussions about the PlayVS Hardware-Network Specifications and how their partnership is an integral part of your program’s success.


In order to compete, your players must have the minimum amount of equipment required by the league. Please visit our Help Center, navigate to the League Rules collection, and find your titles’ Rulebooks (i.e. Rocket League Rulebook) to learn about each requirement.

Pro-tip for equipment

Review different websites and local businesses for deals and discounts. Even your IT department may have existing contracts/agreements with vendors that sell the equipment you’re looking for.

  • Computer(s): tower, mouse, mouse pad, keyboard

  • Console(s): monitor, controllers, headset

  • Program fees

  • Copy of game

  • Online account

Identify Your Target Audience

Some types of fundraisers will be more effective with a specific target audience. The audience may be local businesses, families, or the student-body. Plan and market your fundraiser based on the audience type. Consider the space and energy needed to reach out to your selected audience.

Local Businesses

Sponsorship: We recently heard from a Georgia coach who told us a “virtual stroll” down your local streets on Google Map was a great way to scout who to target and with what type of messaging. He advised to “spread your net wide” with both in person and email solicitation that includes information about your program, how you’ll use their donation, and what will benefit them from joining your efforts. Sponsors can benefit in ways like logo placement on jerseys, name placement in all press coverage, and/or a charity fundraising in their name.

Here's an Example Flyer!


Event: Restaurant fundraising nights are a great way to get the whole family involved! One Colorado coach found certain chains to be easy to work with, like Chipotle, as well as family-owned restaurants. Have anyone mention your program’s name to the waitstaff, on your scheduled night, and a portion of the paid tab will go to you and your players.

Any other ideas? Yes! Set your club up as a charitable organization with your local grocer so parents can link their shopper cards to the program. Every time a linked card is used a donation is made. A great start to creating passive income!


Sales: Request approval from your administration to set-up a booth at certain events to sell merch, sodas, candy, or whatever other approved choices may be popular sellers. Alternatively, you may find enough local interest to host your own esports event to generate buzz for your program and raise money by charging to enter and/or raffles.

You want the student-body to be interested in your program, just like any other sport! Do your best to pass out flyers, calendars showing rival match-ups, and where to watch if you choose to stream (i.e. Twitch) to keep them aware of current events.

Check that your fundraiser does not overlap similar types to keep from exhausting your audience.

Administrative Approval

Most schools require their activities department or administrators' approval for each fundraiser. It’s also possible that fundraisers and fund allocation must be approved before the start of the school year. Be sure to check before launching your fundraisers! For more ideas, please visit 100 Unique Fundraising Ideas.

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