During the regular season, your rosters are flexible. This means you may substitute in verified players on any team. For more substitution rules, read Section 3.4 in our High School Competition Rulebook.

Brief overview of the substitution rules:

  1. Players may only play for one team per week.

  2. Substitution windows vary per title. Please refer to the appropriate Rulebook for this information.

How to Add Substitutes to Your Team

  1. Login to your PlayVS account.

  2. Click on Your School’s Page.

  3. Click Manage Teams.

  4. To select your esport, click the black Drop-Down bar.

  5. On your preexisting team, click the Benches tab.

  6. Click Add a Substitute.

  7. Choose your substitute and Confirm.

How to Make a Substitution prior to Match Time

Choose the ‘Teams & Players’ drop-down menu, then select ‘Manage Teams’ to display your team rosters.

Note: Substitute players will be listed as verified players in the 'Manage Players' tab.

How to Make a Mid-Match Substitution

Important: To correctly substitute a player, coaches must move them from the Substitute bench to an Active Player on the Roster in PlayVS before the start of the next game in a scheduled match. Substitutions made during a live game are not permitted. Once a player is confirmed to be substituted on the match dashboard in PlayVS by both coaches and teams, the match can continue to the next game with the substitution in place.

If changing players in the roster does not work, the substitution must be communicated on the PlayVS platform and in the in-app messaging, as well as getting confirmation of the substitution with the other team before the next game can begin.

To make a substitution during an open match, choose the ‘Schedule’ drop-down menu, then select ‘Past Results’ to display your current matches.


1. Select the match that needs the substitution.


2. Scroll down to the roster. Click on 'edit lineup' in the right corner of the 'Manage My Team' section.


3. Click the three dots by the player’s name. Select ‘Remove Player.’

4. Select ‘Add Player’ in the empty player slot.

5. Select the substituting player from the list of available players.

Swap a bench member with your starting roster:

  1. Go to the bench section.

  2. Select the action icon and Change position.

  3. Select the member you would like to swap with and click Confirm.

Move a benched player to another team

  1. Go to the bench section.

  2. Select the action icon and Move team.

  3. Find the team you would like to move to and click Confirm.

Important: If you try to swap a player to another team’s bench but their bench is full, you’ll be asked to select another player to swap with.


V2.2 - 9/29/21 // Added bench specifics

V2.3 - 10/21/21 // Added clarity on mid-match substitution

V2.4 - 02/01/22 // Added a link to Section 3.4 of the High School Competition RB- RG
V3.0 - 1/24/23 // Updated for Spring 23 -AK

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