Morning Announcement Scripts
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Please change based on your school and state requirements.

Enjoy gaming? Come put your skills to the test and take your team all the way to the state championship!

Don’t play? No worries! Beginners and experts are welcome! You can also support the teams by utilizing your skills. We’ll need casters, game analysts, social media content creators, and video editors.

Contact _____________ (COACH/TEACHER) with your interest in gaming or content creation this season. Get on and create your esports account now!

What do teamwork, __________ (MASCOT/SCHOOL) pride, AND gaming have in common? Our school! We will have an esports league coming soon!

Come to our interest meeting for the esports teams! It will be (DAY/TIME). Grab a survey from (COACH/TEACHER/ROOM NUMBER) to let us know your gaming interests.

Not a gamer? We need content creators, too. Use the survey to let us know your interest in video editing, casting, and social media content. Get on and create your esports account now!

Play. Compete. Win. Chat with _______(COACH/TEACHER) to show your interest in the esports gaming club after school.

Are you a content creator? Want to support but don't play? We need video editors, casters, analysts, and social media content creators. Get on and create your esports account now!

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