Forfeit Guide
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We've introduced a feature that allows you to forfeit your matches should the need arise. While we understand that some circumstances out of your control, it’s important to remember forfeits cannot be undone and should be avoided if possible.

In lieu of forfeiting, we STRONGLY recommend rescheduling the match. Read more about our rescheduling in our Reschedule Guide and our forfeit rules in section 9 of our rulebooks. Some team based titles like Rocket League can proceed even with a player down. At PlayVS, we strive to have the best player experience possible and that means getting students as many played matches as possible.

Important: Any team that misses more than 2 regular season matches will not be eligible for playoffs.

Forfeit Protocol

Choose the ‘My Teams’ drop-down menu to display your team information. The forfeit feature is located in your ‘Schedule’ section on the left side-bar.

  1. In the ‘Schedule’ section, choose Lobby.

    • This view provides all your pre-match information.

  2. To forfeit, on the bottom right of ‘Manage the match’ section, click Forfeit.

  3. Select a reason for the forfeit and choose from Technology Issues, Note enough players, School closure, or Other and then click NEXT.

  4. Once you confirm the forfeit, it cannot be rescheduled or undone. Your team will receive the loss for that match.

Tip: Contact your opponent to let them know you will not be attending the match. Opponent coach information is displayed in the section called ‘Manage the Match’.

V2.0 - 10/15/21 // Added written steps & removed images

V2.1 - 2/18/22 // Forfeit policy added -AK

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