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Create a Coach Account on PlayVS
Create a Coach Account on PlayVS

Creating a coach PlayVS Account

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Create an account on PlayVS

2. Enter your school email address.

3. Enter a secure password.

4. Click “Create Account”.

5. Enter your personal information.

6. Click “Continue”.

7. From here, select “Join Your School” if you know the school you need to be connected to.

8. For your School Details, choose “Faculty Member” and "Continue".

9. Select your State, search for your school, and select your school.

10. If it does not appear automatically:

  • If you are a faculty member, scroll down until you see the “Not Listed? Add a new school”. Click this to create a PlayVS Profile for your school.

  • Click “Continue”.

11. For Faculty Members, the next page will allow you to select your “Role” at your school. Choose the role that best fits you, and click “Continue”.

12. Indicate whether you will be Coaching or Helping with other responsibilities.

Now you’re ready to move onto enrollment!

V1.0 - 1/20/22 // Article created

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