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Create a Coach Account on PlayVS

How to create a new PlayVS Coach Account

Updated over a week ago

To create a coach account on PlayVS, please follow the video and instructions below!

  1. Go to and click Compete for Free.

  2. Enter your birthday and click Continue.

  3. Enter your school email address and a secure password. You can link your Google account with Google Single Sign On (SSO).

  4. Click “Create Account”.

  5. Enter your first and last name then click Continue.

  6. From the dropdown, select “Faculty Member” and click Continue.

  7. To find your school, select your state, search for your school, and select your school.

  8. Select your role at the school and click Continue.

  9. Select if you will be coaching or helping with other responsibilities.

  10. Verify your employment by adding your phone number.

  11. Click Add documents to verify your role as a school employee.

  12. Wait for your document to process.

  13. Once the timer counts down, you can skip the window to see your Coach Account.

  14. Check your email to verify the status of your employment document(s).

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