What is NBA® 2K24?

What coaches, parents, and players need to know about NBA 2K24

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What is NBA 2K24?

NBA 2K is an online basketball video game series developed by Visual Concepts based on the National Basketball Association (NBA). Check out the official NBA 2K24 gameplay trailer here.

NBA 2K is rated E for Everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the game objective of NBA 2K24?

The objective of NBA 2K is to score more baskets than the opposing team. Each game includes 2 teams with 5 controllable players per team. Games are 4 quarters and each quarter is 5 minutes long. Gameplay simulates a typical game of basketball, with the player controlling an entire team or a select player for the full game time.

How is NBA 2K24 played?

Each installment in the NBA 2K series emulates the National Basketball Association, and presents improvements over the previous installments. Players must dribble, pivot, and shoot the ball around the other team in order to score baskets and points for their team. Numerous elements of the games feature customizable features for current players, historic players, and WNBA players.

Gameplay improvements in NBA 2K24

The defense was a point of emphasis in last year's game, but NBA 2K24 is so jam-packed with new features and upgrades on the offensive end of the floor that it's a perfect starting point.

  • OFFENSE - The most obvious upgrade is the addition of new gesture combos to the Pro Stick. You now have control over rim hangs. For New Gen, we’ve taken that control to an all-new level with physics-based simulated rim hangs! This is an incredibly entertaining and wonderfully complex piece of tech that’s been in development for a couple of years now. It allows you to control when and how you hang on the rim after a dunk.

  • DEFENSE - This year, we’ve created a system that evaluates the defensive player’s contesting hand throughout a window of the shooting motion. This larger sample set provides way more accurate results and helps line up the coverage numbers to what players expect based on what they see happening on-screen.

What is the game format?

Teams will consist of one player. Each player will compete against one another in a 1v1, Best-of-three format.

Which platform will the game be played on?

NBA 2K will be played on Playstation 4. There is no cross-play for the PS4 copy of NBA 2K, and teams are unable to compete using the PS5, PC, or Xbox version of NBA 2K24. Additionally, a PlayStation Plus Subscription is required in order to play online.

What hardware will be required to play?

  • 1x Playstation 4 or Playstation 5 System & Monitor/Television

  • 1x Playstation compatible controller

  • 1x Active Playstation Network Account and Playstation Plus Subscription

  • 1x NBA 2K24 Game for the Playstation 4

Does NBA 2K have any competitions as a national esport?

In February 2017, the National Basketball Association, in conjunction with Take-Two Interactive, announced the creation of an esports league centering on the NBA 2K franchise. Known as the NBA 2K League, it commenced competition in 2018. The league is structured similarly to the NBA in that teams are operated by NBA franchises and feature five professional esports players. The teams compete against each other in the current year's NBA 2K game, and each member of a team only uses their in-game MyPlayer mode. The league features a regular season, with mid-season tournaments, as well as the playoffs and finals.

How to Download NBA 2K

All console titles offer a purchasable physical copy (found at many retailers) or a digital copy (found online). After purchasing a physical copy, the game disc can be inserted into the Playstation console to begin any necessary automatic downloads. Purchasing digital copies provides a 12-character code that can be redeemed in the Playstation Store from the console itself. Steps for redeeming a digital code can be found via Playstation Support here.

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