What is NBA® 2K24?

What coaches, parents, and players need to know about NBA 2K24

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NBA 2K is an online basketball video game series developed by Visual Concepts based on the National Basketball Association (NBA). Check out the official NBA 2K24 gameplay trailer here. NBA 2K is rated E for Everyone.

What is the game objective of NBA 2K?

NBA 2K emulates the traditional sport of basketball, where two teams of five controllable team members compete to score the most points within the time limit. Each game consists of four five-minute quarters. The gameplay simulates a typical basketball game, with the competing player controlling and swapping between any of the five players on their chosen team for the full game time. The team that has scored the most points at the end of the four quarters will be declared the winner.

Which teams and players can I choose from?

Competing players can select from any current professional NBA team equipped with their current roster. Classic, All-Time, and any alternative teams/rosters are not allowed.

What’s the match format?

Teams are made up of one player, who will compete 1v1 in a Best-of-3 games format to determine the overall winner of the match. The first player to record two game wins will be awarded the win for the match. Each game lasts about 25 minutes on average.

Which platform will the game be played on?

NBA 2K will be played on the Playstation 4 version of the game. There is no cross-play for the PS4 copy of NBA 2K, and teams cannot compete using the PC or Xbox version of NBA 2K.

What days will NBA 2K be played on?

NBA 2K’s official match days will be on Wednesdays.

What hardware or software will be required to play?

Where can I find resources to improve my play?

Many professional NBA 2K players provide tutorials and useful information on YouTube, ranging from extensive guides on specific techniques to general beginner’s guides to the gameplay. Top players will also show their matches on YouTube and Twitch to explain their mindset and reasonings. With this in mind, record and review your team’s matches to help them overcome their weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths.

How to Download NBA 2K

All console titles offer a purchasable physical copy (found at many retailers) or a digital copy (found online). After purchasing a physical copy, the game disc can be inserted into the Playstation console to begin any necessary automatic downloads. Purchasing digital copies provides a 12-character code that can be redeemed in the Playstation Store from the console itself. Steps for redeeming a digital code can be found here via Playstation Support.

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