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Smart Scheduler Overview

Scheduling history, how matchups work, and how to use the Smart Scheduler to find an opponent

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At PlayVS, we're committed to finding you an opponent at your scheduled match time. To reduce the number of forfeits and the impact forfeits have on other teams, we've developed the Smart Scheduler. Our goal with the system is to allow teams to play during their initially scheduled match time as often as possible.

In previous seasons, we've used various systems to schedule matches. These systems needed help accommodating unenrollments and forfeits, leaving teams without matches at their initially scheduled match time. Our new system continues utilizing Swiss scheduling but allows teams without an opponent to be re-matched on their original match day.


How the Scheduler Works

During the Regular Season, there are two ways a team can be matched up with an opponent each week:

  1. Automatically receive an opponent.

    • Teams that have completed their most recent match (preseason or regular season) are eligible to be automatically paired with an opponent the following week.

    • Matches will show a Verified Team as the opponent

  1. Find your team an opponent in the PlayVS Match Queue.

    • Teams that have not completed a match forfeited their most recent match, or have their opponent forfeited before the scheduled match start time will be slated to join the Match Queue.

    • Matches will show "Opponent TBD" with a grey Firebob logo

    • For more information on the Match Queue process, head to our Joining the PlayVS Match Queue.

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