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Match Assistant Overview

Highlighting the tool that helps teams manage matches and submit results on game day.

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One of the more complex aspects for our teams on game day is the match setup process. To address this and provide clarity on the process step-by-step, our engineers have developed the Match Assistant.

In your PlayVS Matches, teams will use the Match Assistant to confirm starting rosters and submit results at the click of a button. For certain titles, unique Match Assistants are also available to ensure in-game statistics are tracked. The current games offering unique Match Assistants are:

  • Rocket League

  • Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate

League of Legends does not currently offer the match assistant tool for matches. More information on match processes can be found in the League of Legends Match Instructions.

How the Match Assistant Works

  1. Open a PlayVS Match.

  2. Locate the Match Assistant.

    • On desktop browsers, to the right of the Lobby Chat.

    • On mobile or smaller screens, below the Lobby Chat.

    • Tip: Use Lobby Chat on the left to introduce yourself, and if needed, communicate game lobby setup information as soon it is available.

  3. Teams will click “Ready Up” once everyone is available and ready to compete.

    • Coaches can “Ready Up” up to 2 hours before match start time.

    • Players can “Ready Up” up to 15 minutes before match start time.

    • Important: A member of each team must be actively using the Match Assistant in order to proceed. If you are seeing a “Waiting for Opponent”, let your opponent know in Lobby Chat that you are waiting on them to proceed.

  4. In the following “My Roster” section, confirm the starting roster is correct, and all game accounts are properly connected.

    • If roster changes need to be made, only a Coach will be able to do so.

    • To proceed, click “Confirm Roster”.

  5. Check your opponent’s starting roster and click “Confirm”.

  6. Once you reach “Prepare for Game 1”, it is time to compete!

  7. Once the game is complete, click “Report Results.

  8. Select the winning team/player, then click “Submit.

    • If both teams do not select the same winner, they will be prompted with an error message and asked to re-submit results immediately. Both teams should confirm the results.

    • Winning teams must submit the match results within 1 hour.

    • Both teams must confirm the results.

    • For questions on submitting results, refer to the Reporting Guide.

  9. Once the results are in, repeat steps 6-8 to complete the match.

    • If a roster change needs to be made between games, both teams can follow the Substitution Protocol in the PlayVS Game Day Protocol.

Important: Once the match is complete, if the correct results are not shown correctly, click "Dispute Results" button to provide the correct result to a League Admin for their further review.

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