One of the more complex aspects of our leagues has been the match setup processes for our coaches. To best address this and provide clarity on the process step-by-step, our engineers have developed the Match Assistant.

Starting this Spring '23 season, home and away coaches can communicate in Lobby Chat, submit match results, and view match instructions from the Lobby tab.

For Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate matches, please further refer to the title-specific walkthrough in the help article here.

How the Match Assistant Works

Coaches will utilize the following steps to proceed through the tool on matchday:

  1. Open up the match you are looking to manage.

  2. From the "Lobby" tab, Locate the Match Assistant tool to the right of your Match Lobby Chat in the form of the Scoreboard.

    • Be sure to use Lobby Chat on the left to introduce yourself, and if you are the Home team, please communicate Arena IDs and Passwords as soon as possible.

  3. Once Game 1 is complete, either coach can select the winning team within the Scoreboard and click the "Save" button.

    • No matter which coach submits the result, the update will occur on both coaches' Match Lobby page Scoreboard.

    • If a game cannot be completed, please select the "Incomplete Game" option, and indicate what happened and which team caused the game to be incomplete.

  4. As each game is complete, coaches will repeat step 3 until the series is complete.

  5. Once the series is complete, coaches will be prompted to Settle the Match.

    • If the winners of any game need to be adjusted before settling the match, a coach can do so by selecting the "Edit" button under each indicated Game Winner.

  6. Coaches can use the dialog box below to share any additional information with our team, and then once the results have been reviewed, either coach can select the "Settle Match" button to be taken to the match's Final Score.

    • If the match result is not displayed correctly, select the "Dispute Results" button to provide the correct result to a League Admin or reach out to the Customer Experience team directly by selecting the chat icon at the bottom right or emailing

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