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League of Legends Game Day Protocol
League of Legends Game Day Protocol
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Riot Games is in the process of updating the League of Legends Tournament API. Due to this, lobby codes and in-game stats will not properly generate on match lobby pages. Updates to their system will go into effect on 10/11/23. In the meantime, please use the Custom Lobby Process listed below to complete a match. Match results need to be submitted manually via the Match Assistant after the match has been completed.


  1. Five (5) starting players per team.

  2. Join the lobby within the 30-minute grace period.

  3. Communicate via Match Lobby Chat.

  4. Teams will use Tournament Codes (called Game Codes) to join lobbies.

  5. If Game Codes are unavailable, use the Custom Lobby Process steps below.

  6. Spectators are approved using Match Lobby Chat per Section 7.7 of the High School Competition Rulebook.

  7. In the event of any issues, finish the current game, then exit the lobby and notify PlayVS Support for further assistance.

IT Steps: Day of Match (at least 1 hour before)

  1. Restart each computer.

  2. Log into League of Legends to check for updates.

  3. Have your IT department on standby if any technical issues arise.

PlayVS Tip: Give your season schedule to the IT department so they know when you are competing!

Setting Up - Coach Protocol

Note: All games in a match must be played, completed, and have results reported for a match to be considered complete.

  1. Log into their PlayVS account.

  2. Locate your matchup, and click “Open Match”.

    • If you see “Opponent TBD” your team will need to Join the Match Queue.

    • Once paired up, continue to Step 3.

      • PlayVS Tip: Say hi to your opponent in PlayVS Lobby Chat!

  3. If approved for spectating:

    • Open League of Legends.

    • Click “Play”.

    • Click the Trophy Icon in the top-right .

    • Click “Game 1 Code” to copy the code.

    • Paste the Tournament Code in the in the in-game pop-up.

      • If the Tournament Code is not copied over, contact PlayVS Support.

  4. Confirm all player accounts within the in-game lobby match to their PlayVS Profile

    • If any accounts do not match, do not start the game send a message in Lobby Chat.

    • If the opposing Coach cannot resolve the issue, or is not responsive, contact PlayVS Support.

  5. If a pause is needed after the game begins, teams must follow the steps in Section 1.3 Stoppage of Play in the League of Legends Rulebook.

Setting Up - Player Protocol

  1. Open League of Legends.

  2. Click “Play”.

  3. Click the Trophy Icon in the top-right.

  4. Open PlayVS Match Lobby and Click “Game 1 Code” to copy the code.

  5. Paste the Tournament Code in the in-game pop-up.

    • Note: If the Tournament Code is not copied over or is missing entire, contact PlayVS Support and follow the Custom Lobby Process below.

  6. Determine sides using the Side Selection & Draft Protocol below.

  7. Players should join from top to bottom in order of their respective role.

    • Top

    • Jungle

    • Mid

    • ADC

    • Support

  8. Type “R” or “Ready” in using the in-game chat when ready.

  9. With both teams ready, the Party Owner click Start Game.

    • Note: The Party Owner icon is next to the account name within the League of Legends client.

  10. After the game is complete, copy the next game code and repeat the Protocol steps above until the match is complete.

  11. If a player or team disconnection occurs, refer to section 4.3.2 Game Disconnection in the League of Legends Rulebook.

Side Selection & Draft Protocol

  • Home Team chooses side for Game 1.

  • Away Team chooses side for Game 2.

  • For Game 3, the losing team from Game 2 chooses side.

    • *For Playoffs, the Higher Seed chooses side for Game 3.

  • If a champion is incorrectly banned or selected, report the error immediately in chat use the Reset Draft Protocol below.

Reset Draft Protocol

  • Do not continue the Draft.

  • Share in PlayVS Lobby Chat that you need to reset with:

    • the pick/ban that was incorrect

    • the intended pick

  • Have all players exit the draft.

  • Use the same Game 1 Code to rejoin the lobby.

  • Click Start Match to restart the draft.

  • All Picks and Bans leading up to the reset must be re-selected.

  • Pick or Ban the correct champion, and continue.

Custom Lobby Process

Create the Custom Lobby (Home Team)

  1. Click Play.

  2. Select Summoner’s Rift.

  3. Choose ‘Create Custom’ to create a match.

  4. Confirm the settings:

    1. Change game type to ‘Tournament Draft’.

    2. Allow all spectators.

  5. Use your Team Name and Date as the Lobby Name, and select a secure password of your choosing.

  6. Share the Lobby Name, Password, and Side Selection in Match Lobby Chat.

Join the Custom Lobby (All Remaining Players)

  1. Click Play.

  2. Then select ‘Custom’.

  3. Locate the lobby name listed in your PlayVS Match Lobby Chat, and then use the provided password to join the lobby.

  4. From here, participants can continue from the above Player Protocol Step 4.

Post-Match Process

  • Lobby Codes automatically record match results and in-game statistics.

  • Take in-game screenshots at the end of each game for your records.

  • In if Game Codes are not used, coaches are responsible for verifying that results have been reported manually.

  • Matches without results will be quarantined, and risk a match loss for both teams by default.

  • If results are not accurate, then contact PlayVS Support for further assistance.

Helpful Guides for Game Day:

Important: By default, rulebooks overrule game day protocols. Please reach out to support if you find conflicting information.


V4.0 - 9/8/23 // Updated for the 23/24 Season - LT

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