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PlayVS Cup Overview
PlayVS Cup Overview

PlayVS Cup summary, updates, and additional resources

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What is PlayVS Cup?

The PlayVS Cup is a unique opportunity for the best of the best from around the country to face off in a one of a kind esports tournament. Teams that win state and regional championships in the Fall and Spring seasons are invited to compete in the PlayVS Cup that takes place each year after the end of the Spring season.

Since the start of PlayVS, we have been able to give away over $700,000 in prizing and scholarships to highlight some of the best esports programs in the nation. We look forward to doing both again with this year’s PlayVS Cup.

PlayVS will be contacting State and Regional Champions with information on how to register your teams for the event.

When is the PlayVS Cup?

The PlayVS Cup takes place annually in the Spring. We usually schedule the cup in the weeks following the Spring season, after AP and Finals Testing for most schools has concluded.

Scholarship Prizes

PlayVS Cup Prizing is in the form of scholarships. Prizing can be used at any accredited 4-year, 2-year, technical, or vocational college. Prizes will be distributed per team and coaches will be contacted to verify roster and player eligibility to determine scholarship distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify for the PlayVS Cup?

Schools qualify for the PlayVS Cup by placing first in one full-season league. Even if a school wins both the Fall and Spring leagues, they are only eligible to enroll one team per title in the PlayVS Cup.

Will there be opportunities to earn prizing?

Yes! The total amount of scholarship prizing and the breakdown of earning placements are announced before each iteration of the PlayVS Cup.

Which esport titles will be included in PlayVS Cup?

All full-season titles are eligible for the PlayVS Cup, the list below shows which titles are currently offered in the PlayVS Cup tournament.

  • Hearthstone

  • Madden NFL

  • Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe

    • This title is broken into two divisions, East and West.

  • NBA® 2K

  • Rocket League

  • Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate

    • This title is broken into two divisions, East and West.

  • Splatoon™ 3

  • Overwatch 2


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