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PlayVS Rivals

Choose your Rival - a specific team in your league to compete against each season!

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Request and accept your PlayVS Rival - a team in your league that you know you want to compete against during the Regular Season. Using the steps below, Coaches can send out and accept Rivals Invitations for a higher likelihood of competing against one another in Week 3 of the Regular Season.

Important: The PlayVS Rivals feature does not apply to pre-scheduled leagues.

How the Rivals Feature Works

  • A Coach will send a Rivals Invitation to their preferred opponent from another school.

  • The Coach from that school will accept or decline the invitation.

  • Once accepted, the two teams will be declared as Rivals and have priority pairing for Week 3 of the Regular Season.

Sending a Rivals Invitation

  1. From the PlayVS Dashboard, select Manage Teams.

  2. From the drop-down, select your Esport.

  3. Locate your team’s card, then select the Rivals tab.

  4. In the search box, type in the Team or School Name.

  5. Select the Team Name, then click Submit.

PlayVS Tip: Confirm your invitation has been sent to the correct team and school by viewing the Pending Rival Invitations section below the search box.

Accepting a Rivals Invitation

  1. From the PlayVS Dashboard, click the Notification Bell.

  2. Click the Notification to be taken directly to the team that received a Rivals Invitation.

  3. Select the Rivals tab.

  4. Under the search box, locate the Requested Rivals section.

  5. Next to the team that will be your Rival for the season, click the Green Check.

  6. In the pop-up box, click “Yes, Approve”.

PlayVS Tip: Alternatively, coaches can go to the Manage Teams page, locate their team card(s), and at any time, view the Rivals tab to see if there are any pending invitations to accept or decline.


How do I know who my Rival is?

A team’s confirmed Rival can be found anytime from the Rivals tab of the team card.

Can I change my Rival?

Once the invitation has been accepted, your Rival will be confirmed for the entire season. Once your team is enrolled for the following season, you can choose a new Rival.

When will I compete against my Rival?

Rivals Week is Week 3 of the Regular Season. Your team will be paired up with your Rival for your Week 3 match unless:

  • Both teams have opposite scheduling methods for the week (one team is auto-scheduled while the other must join the queue, or vice versa).

  • Either team has selected Week 3 as their School Break Week during enrollment.

  • You selected your Rival after the Week 3 matches have already been scheduled.

  • You have competed against your Rival in Week 1 or 2 of the Regular Season.

In the event of situations 1-3 above, the two teams will be eligible in Week 4 for your Rivals Week matchup.

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