Riot Vanguard Guide

An overview of Riot Games’ anti-cheat system

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This guide will describe what Riot Vanguard is, provide an overview of installing and troubleshooting errors with Riot Vanguard, and address top questions our coaches and players have had about this software.

Riot Games has developed Riot Vanguard as a custom game security software to ensure competitive integrity and security within all Riot titles.

Starting this year, Vanguard must be installed properly to open and play either League of Legends or VALORANT. More information on Vanguard’s addition to League of Legends was shared in Riot Games' latest “Look Ahead" video.

Important: Riot Vanguard is owned and operated by Riot Games and is not associated with PlayVS. At any time, if you encounter issues with Riot Vanguard’s installation or operation, we strongly suggest contacting Riot Games Support directly.

Installing Riot Vanguard

There is not a unique file or application to download for Riot Vanguard. Once a Vanguard-compatible title is downloaded and installed, a separate, automatic installation for Vanguard will occur on the PC’s next reboot.

Troubleshooting Error Messages

Riot Vanguard will detect if a PC is too “cheat-capable,” restricting access to the Riot Games title until the PC is configured securely. Each error message must state which settings are necessary to resolve the error and remove the restriction.

Tip: If error messages are present, please share this article with your IT Administrators for further assistance. For a full breakdown and diagram of the various dependencies for each task (such as enabling TPM 2.0), please refer to the Vanguard Restrictions Riot Games support article.


How will I know that Riot Vanguard is running?

Riot Vanguard’s icon can be found in your System Tray when active. To close the application at any time, a user can right-click the icon and select Exit Vanguard.

Can I play League of Legends or VALORANT without Riot Vanguard downloaded?

No. Riot Vanguard must be active to launch either League of Legends or VALORANT.

How does Riot Vanguard interact with my computer’s data?

Riot Games developed Vanguard with respect to both the “Protecting Player Data” update in June 2019 and their existing Privacy Notice. This software is in compliance with regional data privacy laws.

What is a kernel mode driver?

The downloaded software Vanguard consists of a client that runs on the “kernel mode driver”. For further details on the “kernal mode driver” and anti-cheat systems and their operations, please refer to your IT department and review this RIT Security Blog.

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