League of Legends is one of the world’s most popular video games, developed by Riot Games. It features a team-based competitive game mode based on strategy and outplaying opponents.

League of Legends is rated T for Teen.


Players work with their team to break the enemy Nexus before the enemy team breaks theirs. League of Legends is a complex game which involves both high-level strategy and fast-paced gameplay. Skilled players know how to beat the opponent in front of them, while keeping the macro-elements in mind to support their team to victory.

"I have always been on some type of sports team, pretty much my whole life, but with esports instead of relying on physical strength, it’s more like relying on critical thinking skills. It's challenging but a great team to be part of!"

Eric B.
League of Legends Player
Shawsheen Valley Regional High School

How It’s Played

Each team assigns their players to different areas of Summoner’s Rift, the most commonly used map in League of Legends, to face off against an opponent and attempt to gain control for their team. As the game progresses, players complete a variety of tasks, including collecting computer-controlled minions, removing turrets (which protect each team’s side of the map respectively), and eliminating champions (player-controlled characters). Players use the gold they earn from these objectives to power up their champion and increase their teams control of the game. When a team is able to use those advantages to move into the enemy team’s base and break the Nexus, they secure the victory.

Summoner's Rift

Interaction with minions and opponent

Removing a turret

Team fight with multiple Champions

Victory secured


Before the start of each game, players select from a pool of over 140 playable characters. These “Champions” all have their own strengths, abilities, and personalities. Their imagery varies from human-like to fantastical. For a full list of Champions and to learn more about each one,click here.


League of Legends boasts the largest esports community in the world. Hundreds of millions of fans watch each year as their favorite professional teams and players compete for Championships. These Leagues look similar to other professional sports teams, with salaried players performing at the highest levels of competition with millions of dollars on the line.


Currently, there are over 200 colleges and universities offering over 10 million dollars in scholarships. Many of these scholarships each year are for the game League of Legends, as it was one of the first major esports with a competitive scene in college. Almost every college with an esports program will include League of Legends as its cornerstone title. Check out our list of colleges and universities with an esports program.

Esports Spotlight: Becker College

Located in Worcester, Massachuesetts, Becker College is one of the 25 oldest institutions in the U.S. It is an undergraduate and graduate, career-focused private college.

Becker, well-known for its game design program, is the first college in Massachusetts to offer scholarships to varsity esports student athletes. Becker College now provides Bachelor of Science in Esports Management.

Esports in Education

League of Legends requires a tremendous amount of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity from players to achieve and sustain success. Schools and players in high school have had a great experience with the game, and continue to experience its benefits.

Esports Benefits

  • Sense of Community
  • Character Development
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Embodies ISTE Standard
  • Increase Achievement
  • STEM Engagement

“Esports is knocking down barriers and setting high standards for inclusion. It also provides opportunities for students to train in a variety of positions such as team managers, videographers, technical support, streamers, social media managers, and many more.”

Samuel Schachter
League of Legends Coach
Barrington High School, RI

About PlayVS
PlayVS is building the infrastructure and platform for amateur esports, starting with high schools. We work directly with game publishers and states to build and operate sanctioned leagues across the country. Through the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), PlayVS is empowering students to compete in esports on behalf of their high school, with the opportunity to win a championship, just like any other youth sport. Contact your local school’s principal or athletic director to get a program started and learn more at www.playvs.com.

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