During regular season, your rosters are flexible. This means you may substitute in verified players on any team. For more substitution rules, read section 3.4 in our rulebooks.
Brief overview of the substitution rules:

  1. Players may only play for one team per week.
  2. Substitutes must be assigned a Season Pass and an esport.
  3. Players may only be assigned one esport per season.
  4. You may make a mid-match substitution. Substitutions should be made before the current game ends to ensure your players get the invitation or code.
    PlayVS Tip: Let your opponents know that you will substitute mid-match.

How to Add Substitutes to Your Team

How to Make a Substitution prior to Match Time

Choose the ‘Teams & Players’ drop-down menu, then select ‘Manage Teams’ to display your team rosters. Note: Substitute players will be listed as verified players in the 'Manage Players' tab.

How to Make a Mid-Match Substitutions

Watch this short video or click this link.

Choose the ‘Schedule’ drop-down menu, then select ‘Past Results’ to display your current matches.


1. Select the match that needs the substitution.


2. Scroll down to the roster. Click on 'edit lineup' in the right corner of the 'Manage My Team' section.


3. Click the three dots by the player’s name. Select ‘Remove Player.’


4. Select ‘Add Player’ in the empty player slot.


5. Select the substituting player from the list of available players.



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