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Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate Match Instructions
Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate Match Instructions
Updated this week

Important: The 2024-2025 Rulebook and Match Instructions updates are underway. Check back here in the future for more information! Once finalized, all changes will be communicated to our community through a separate Summary of Changes article. Thanks for your patience!


  1. Teams each consist of three (3) starting players.

  2. Join the lobby within the 30-minute grace period.

  3. Communicate via Match Lobby Chat.

  4. Home Teams will create private matches and provide Arena details.

  5. In-game spectators are not allowed for Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate matches per Section 7.7.2 of the High School Competition Rulebook

  6. If there are any issues, pause and notify PlayVS Support for further assistance.

Important: If you have not already done so, please review the PlayVS Game Day Protocol.

Setting Up the Match

In the PlayVS Match Assistant:

  1. Confirm your Starting roster.

  2. Confirm your Opponent’s starting roster.

  3. Use the drop-down to select your Starting player for Game 1.

  4. Click Choose Your Character.

  5. Use the drop-down to select your Fighter, then click Confirm.

  6. View the Fighter matchup, then click Continue.

  7. Complete Stage Striking.

  8. Once you reach the Match Preview page, Create or Join the Arena using the steps below.

Important: If the lobby is already created and shared in Lobby Chat, continue to Match Process (All Players)

Create the Custom Arena (Home Team)

  1. Open Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate.

  2. Select “Online”.

  3. Select “Smash”.

  4. Select “Battle Arenas” then “Create Arena”.

  5. Ensure the correct in-game settings are setup as shown in Rulebook Section 1.5.

    • PlayVS Tip: After creating the lobby for the first time, save the ruleset as “PlayVS” for quick selection in future practices & matches.

  6. If “No Password” is shown at the top, then press “X” to require a password.

  7. Press “+” or select “Next”.

  8. Use the Team Name as the Lobby.

  9. Choose a unique password (Max. of 8 numbers).

  10. Click “Create Arena”.

  11. Share the Arena ID (Upper-Right) and Password in PlayVS Match Lobby Chat.

  12. Click your Profile Icon and drop it in the boxing ring-style area of the Arena.

Note: The Arena will close if a game does not promptly begin. If it closes, the Home Team must immediately recreate the lobby and re-share the Arena ID & Password in Match Lobby Chat.

Join the Custom Arena (Away Team)

  1. Open Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate.

  2. Select “Online”.

  3. Select “Smash”.

  4. Select “Battle Arenas” then “Join Arena”.

  5. Select “Enter Arena ID”.

  6. Enter the 5-character Arena ID from Match Lobby Chat.

  7. Enter the Password.

  8. Click your Profile Icon and drop it in the boxing ring-style area of the Arena.

Match Process (All Players)

Important: Teams competing from one console should let their opponent know via Match Lobby Chat to avoid confusion

  1. In the bottom-right of the Arena, select your fighter.

  2. The home team will choose the selected stage.

  3. Once ready, both players join the ring.

  4. Click “+” to begin the countdown.

  5. Play Game 1.

  6. Once Game 1 is complete, return to the PlayVS match lobby to report the results and continue the set as stated in Rulebook Section 3.2.1.

  7. Once the set is complete, teams will select their starting player for the next set.

  8. Repeat the previous steps until the first three sets are completed.

  9. If needed, rosters will reset and any player will be eligible to compete in Set 4.

  10. If needed, teams can select either of the remaining two players to compete in Set 5.

Missing Player Process

If a team only has two of the three starting players available at the start of the match and cannot provide a substitute, the following steps can be used to avoid skipping the match assistant entirely.

  1. The team with a missing player must communicate in Match Lobby Chat which player is missing.

  2. Once communicated, the match can begin using the Setting Up the Match Steps above.

  3. Once the missing player is selected as a player for the series, the team must open a ticket with PlayVS Support to request an Admin bypass the fighter and stage selection steps, issue the missing player a loss for the series, and move the match forward.

  4. Once the Admin issues the loss for the missing player and moves your match forward, the Match Assistant will be updated automatically, and if necessary, the match can continue.

Post-Match Process

  • After both teams agree to the final game's result using the PlayVS Match Assistant, the match will be complete, and results will be recorded.

  • Take in-game screenshots at the end of each game for your records.

  • If the Match Assistant is skipped, teams must perform stage/fighter selection processes in chat, and coaches are responsible for verifying that results have been reported manually.

  • Matches without results will be quarantined and risk a match loss for both teams by default.

  • If the results are not accurate, then contact PlayVS Support for further assistance.

Important: By default, rulebooks overrule game day protocols. Please reach out to PlayVS Support if you find conflicting information.


V4.0 // 12/20/23 - Updated for the 23/24 Season

V5.0 // 1/17/24 - Reformatted to match PlayVS Resources Style Guidelines

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