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Madden NFL 24 Game Day Protocol
Madden NFL 24 Game Day Protocol

Everything you need to compete in a Madden NFL 24 match

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  1. One (1) player per team.

  2. Join the lobby within the 30-minute grace period.

  3. Communicate via Match Lobby Chat.

  4. Matches must take place on the PS4-version of Madden NFL 24

  5. Home Teams will create private matches and send invitations.

  6. Spectators should be removed unless approved per Section 7.7 of the High School Competition Rulebook..

  7. In the event of any issues, finish the current game, then notify PlayVS Support for further assistance.

IT Steps: Day of Match

  1. Restart each console.

  2. Open the PS4-edition of Madden NFL 24 to check for updates.

  3. Have your IT department on standby if any technical issues arise.

PlayVS Tip: Give your season schedule to the IT department so they know when you are competing!

Setting Up the Match

  1. Log into their PlayVS account.

  2. Locate your matchup, and click “Open Match”

    • If you see “Opponent TBD” your team will need to Join the Match Queue

    • Once paired up, continue to Step 3.

PlayVS Tip: Say hi to your opponent in PlayVS Lobby Chat!

  1. Click Ready Up.

  2. Click Start.

  3. Confirm the correct starters are listed, and click “Confirm Roster”.

  4. View your Opponent’s Roster, and click “Confirm”.

    • PlayVS Tip: Use this page to add your opponent on Playstation!

  5. Once you reach Prepare for Game 1:

    • Home Team move to Create the Custom Lobby

    • Away Team move to Join the Custom Lobby

Create the Custom Game (Home Team)

  1. Open Madden NFL 24.

    • This title does not allow crossplay - ensure that you are using the PS4-version of Madden NFL 24.

  2. Select “Quick Play”.

  3. Select “Online H2H”.

  4. Select “Play a Friend”.

  5. Select your Opponent’s in-game name.

  6. Press the “Option” button on the controller to create the game.

  7. Press “X” to send the game invite.

  8. Let your opponent know in Lobby Chat that an invite has been sent.

  9. Once your opponent has joined, proceed to Match Protocol.

Join the Custom Game (Away Team)

  1. Open Madden NFL 24.

    1. This title does not allow crossplay - ensure that you are using the PS4 version of Madden NFL 24.

  2. Accept the game invitation.

    1. If the invite does not pop-up, open the Playstation “Notifications” to confirm that the invite has not been received.

  3. Once joined, proceed to Match Protocol.

Match Protocol (All Players)

  1. Both players confirm play call, advanced settings, and uniforms.

    1. Players are able to use rulebooks from separate teams so long as they are not custom. For more information, see Section 1.6 Special Rules.

  2. Once confirmed, both players will click “Ready” and begin the game.

    1. If a disconnection occurs, refer to section 3.3.2 Game Disconnection in the Madden NFL Rulebook.

    2. Pauses are bound to the features & limitations inside Madden NFL. Excessive pausing is not allowed by Section 12.1.3 Disruptive Behavior

    3. If a rule violation occurs, pause the game, notify PlayVS Support, and head to Match Lobby Chat to communicate further.

  3. Once the game is complete, both teams will confirm the results using the PlayVS Match Assistant.

  4. Repeat the previous Custom Game & Match Protocol steps and complete the match.

Skip Assistant Protocol

Note: This feature will skip the Madden NFL match assistant. Player capabilities will be limited, and results must be reported manually.

  1. Click “Game Settings”.

  2. Click “Skip Assistant”.

  3. Confirm that you want to Skip the Match Assistant.

  4. Continue the match.

Post-Match Process

  • After both teams agree to the final game's result using the PlayVS Match Assistant, the match will complete and results will be recorded.

  • Take in-game screenshots at the end of each game for your records.

  • If the Match Assistant is skipped, coaches are responsible for verifying that results have been reported manually.

  • Matches without results will be quarantined, and risk a match loss for both teams by default.

  • If results are not accurate, then contact PlayVS Support for further assistance.

Helpful Guides for Game Day:

Important: By default, rulebooks overrule game day protocols. Please reach out to support if you find conflicting information.

V2.0 // 9/7/23 - Updated for 2023-2024 season

V2.1 // 9/10/23 - Added language on pausing in Match Protocol

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