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Epic Linking for Rocket League
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Now that Rocket League is free-to-play through the Epic Games Store, PlayVS will be switching the account connection provider for Rocket League from Steam to Epic. This change will impact Players and Coaches in two ways 1) PlayVS will no longer distribute provisioned Steam accounts, and 2) users will need to connect an Epic account to receive game invites. If a user has the game downloaded on their Xbox or PlayStation, Steam library, or Switch, they will need to link their Epic account to PlayVS, sign into their desired platform using Epic or connect the platform they wish to play on in their Epic account settings.

Linking Epic to PlayVS

  1. Head to recommended connections in account settings and scroll down to Epic

  2. Click connect and enter your username and password on Epic

Linking Platforms to Epic
To receive invites to our matches on a console, players will need to sign in to their console using Epic login or link their console account to their Epic account via the account connection.


Q: If I already have Rocket League on Steam do I need to download the Epic Games Launcher?
No, you do not need to download the Epic game client. You just need an Epic account and link it with your Steam account.

Q: What if I want to play on Xbox?
A: You can link your Xbox account in your Epic account settings page and then you're all set.

Q: Can I connect more than 1 Epic account to PlayVS?
A: No, you can only connect one Epic account to PlayVS at the moment.

Q: If I am connected to Epic now, will I need to reconnect when this change is rolled out?
A: No, if you are connected to Epic then we will keep you connected and use the Epic account on file.

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