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You can find all your in-game connections in our Connections section. PlayVS requires each player to have an accurate in-game name that will be used at match time.
PlayVS Tip: Be mindful of the accounts you use for home gameplay and school gameplay. In-game names will not be updated due to player banned accounts.

  1. Login to your PlayVS account at

  2. Click your Avatar/Your Account located in the upper right hand corner.

  3. Click on Account Settings

4. Scroll down to Recommended Connections ( The first recommended connection on the page is for League of Legends)

Epic Games Account ( Fortnite and Rocket League)

Our Epic Games connection is used for both our Fortnite and Rocket League players. Below will show you how to connect your Epic Games account for each of the titles listed above.

  1. Scroll down to your Epic Games connection and hit the orange connect:

  2. Choose the correct option for how you sign in to your Epic Games account(Note: for some of the selections you will be directed to sign in using the account for your selection) then once you input information and connect, allow permission from PlayVS for your Epic Games display name.

If you are a player who competes in Fortnite, you are done and should check that your Epic Games account on PlayVS correctly matches the account you are using to compete in our Fortnite Leagues. For Rocket League follow the next steps to complete activation.

  1. In order to complete account connection for Rocket League, you will need to link and select the platform you compete on, to do so follow the link listed below ( This link is also in your recommended connections section right below Epic Games)

  2. Follow the link and sign in again with your Epic Games account, you will then be prompted to link your account connections to Epic Games ( The left most selection is for PC players)

  3. After linking all of your accounts, click next. Select the platform you use to compete from left to right, PC through Epic Games, PC through Steam, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and Nintendo Switch. After you choose the platform, you will click preview and be prompted to ensure you know you are selecting this as your primary account. (Note: You can change your primary if you compete on a different platform in the future.)

  4. After hitting okay, you will be asked to confirm your selection. Once you confirm you can close out the Rocket League website and go back to your account connections on PlayVS. Go back to your Epic Games connection and use the drop down to select the Platform you just linked. (If linked correctly through Rocket League, it will display as activated. Note: for PC players you will select, Epic Games Account)

The platform selection step is very important for Rocket League as it is required to receive the invitations to compete in your matches weekly and track stats in game. Please make sure your platform is selected prior to match day.

League of Legends

In order to receive Champion Unlock** for the season, ensure that your Summoner name is properly connected and linked to PlayVS. Here are the steps to do that.

  1. Scroll down to your League of Legends connection and hit the orange connect:

2. You will be sent to a secure Riot Games account sign in page, enter your Username and Password for the account you will be using for Official Matches on PlayVS (Reminder: You cannot change your summoner name or account information at anytime during the season UNLESS requested to do so by a PlayVS official.)

3. Ensure your account was connected properly by going back to your PlayVS account profile, and checking to see your summoner name was connected.


If you do not have a free Riot Games account, visit to create a League of Legends account and choose a summoner name. Summoner names may not contain vulgarities or obscenities.

** Champion Unlock request lists are sent over Mondays to Riot Games, if you were not connected prior to this weeks list being sent over, you will not see the Champion Unlock until the following week**


To connect your Discord account to PlayVS, use the Discord Guide here.

Connect your account to receive PlayVS match access. In order to make sure it is the correct profile.

  1. Scroll down to your connection and hit the orange connect:

  2. Log in with your email and password (If you have an authenticator, you will need to authenticate your account while logging in.)

  3. Click "Allow" to give permission for PlayVS to your Account ID and BattleTag:

  4. Please double-check that your name on PlayVS, matches the correct name on your client ( To disconnect your account click Disconnect and follow the steps on to remove your account connections.)

If you do not have a account, visit HERE to create an account. It is free to create your account. Overwatch IDs may not contain vulgarities or obscenities.


Connect your in-game name to receive all characters at game time! In order to make sure it is the correct profile, please double check that your in-game name is spelled exactly how it is spelled in your SMITE profile.

  1. Scroll down to your SMITE connection and hit the orange connect:

  2. Type in your in-game name EXACTLY how is it in your SMITE profile and hit connect.

3. Ensure that your SMITE in-game name connected to PlayVS matches the name on your SMITE profile.

If you do not have a SMITE in-game name, visit to create a SMITE account. It is free to create your account. In-game names may not contain vulgarities or obscenities.


Connect your Nintendo Friend code so opposing players can add and invite to lobbies for match day for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

  1. Scroll down to Nintendo connection:

  2. Type in your friend code exactly how it appears on your Nintendo account and hit the orange connect button.

    1. Example Friend Code SW-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

  3. Ensure that your Friend Code saved on PlayVS and on your Nintendo Switch console match.

PlayStation Network

Connect your PlayStation Network account name for opposing teams to add and invite for Madden 21 and FIFA 21.

  1. Scroll down to PlayStation Network connection:

  2. Type in your PlayStation Network username in the box, exactly as it appears on your PlayStation profile and hit the orange connect button.

  3. Ensure that your PlayStation Network username saved on PlayVS and the one on your PlayStation profile match.

Xbox Live (College Only)

Connect your Xbox Live account for matches in collegiate Madden 21 and FIFA 21.

  1. Scroll down to Xbox Live and hit the orange connect:

  2. You will be sent to a secure Microsoft account login page. Type in your Microsoft login information, once logged in, give permission to PlayVS to access your Xbox Live profile.

  3. Ensure that your Xbox Live username saved on PlayVS and the one on your Xbox Live profile match.


Used to disconnect a currently linked account from PlayVS if you are required to change accounts. Also used if, in between seasons, players want to change accounts they have linked to PlayVS.

  1. Locate the black and white Disconnect button to the far right of whatever account you are trying to disconnect.

  2. After clicking disconnect your account will disconnect from PlayVS, however for accounts that required permission (League of Legends, Epic Games,, Xbox Live) You will need to go into the specific game client to remove permissions from PlayVS.

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