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Below are the steps to connect accounts on the Connections tab of Account Settings. Access this page directly by going to


For each game a player is competing in, they must create and connect an in-game account to their PlayVS Profile. To get connected, use the following steps:

  1. Head over to the Connections Tab within your PlayVS Account Settings

  2. Scroll/Swipe to find the Game Account you want to connect

  3. Click "Connect."

PlayVS Tip: Be mindful of the accounts you connect, and do not change your in-game name once they are connected. Rules around connected accounts can be found in Section 2.2.3 Competitive Eligibility of our Competition Rulebook.

Epic Games Account (Rocket League)

Epic Games is used for Rocket League competitions. Players using non-Epic Games platforms (such as Nintendo or Playstation) must link their Epic Games account before their first match. To connect your Epic Games account:

  1. Scroll down to Epic Games and click "Connect."

  2. Select the option that allows access to sign in to your Epic Games account

  3. To connect your Platform, head over to

  4. Click "Check Setup" and log into Epic Games again, if needed.

  5. Click "Login and Connect" on any platform you play Rocket League on

    PlayVS Tip: Select your original or highest-ranking account to ensure all your data is transferred to other platforms!

  6. Head back to your PlayVS Account Connections and use the drop-down to select the Platform you will be competing on most often(If linked correctly through Rocket League, it will display as activated).

The platform selection step is required to receive the invitations to compete in your matches weekly and track stats in-game. Please make sure the correct Platform is chosen on match day.


Nintendo accounts are used for Super Smash Bros.™, Splatoon™, and Mario Kart™ matches. All players should create a free Nintendo Account, so their opponents can add them as "Friends" on match days. All players should create and connect a Nintendo Account. Exceptions are made for:

  • Super Smash Bros.™

    • Teams can use one console and friend code for competition by handing off the console. In situations where this occurs, only the Team Captain must have the game account used for competition connected.

  • Mario Kart™

    • Teams can use two consoles and friend codes for competition through the 2-player split-screen option when competing online. In situations where this occurs, only two players must have those game accounts used for competition connected.

To connect your Nintendo Account:

  1. Scroll down to Nintendo

  2. Type in your Nintendo Friend Code (shown as SW-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) precisely as it appears on your Nintendo Account Profile

  3. Click "Connect."

  4. Refresh your page to confirm that the connected code is identical to the friend code listed on your Nintendo Switch console.

Further information on Nintendo Accounts can be found here in the Nintendo Support Help Center.

PlayVS Tip: For assistance redeeming any Nintendo Codes provided by PlayVS, review Nintendo Support's article here

Riot Games (League of Legends / VALORANT)

Connecting a Riot Games account will show your in-game name and allow in-game performance statistics to be recorded and tracked when the lobby codes are used. To connect your Riot Games account:

  1. Scroll down to your Riot Games connection and click "Connect."

  2. Enter the Username and Password for the account you will be using to compete

    PlayVS Tip: You must not change your summoner name or account information at any time during the season UNLESS requested to do so by a PlayVS official.

  3. Head back to your PlayVS Account Connections page to ensure your account was correctly connected (see below) accounts are used for Hearthstone and Overwatch 2 matches. To connect your account:

  1. Scroll down to and click "Connect."

  2. Select the option that allows access to sign in to your Account

    1. If you have an authenticator, you must authenticate your account while logging in.

  3. Click "Allow" to permit PlayVS to your Account ID and BattleTag.

  4. Head back to your PlayVS Account Connections page to ensure your account was correctly connected (see below)

The primary coach for each Hearthstone team will receive an email containing the login information to their Hearthstone Card Unlock account. More details about this feature are in the Hearthstone Card Lock Overview.

PlayStation Network

PlayStation Network accounts are used for Madden NFL and NBA 2K matches. To connect your Playstation Network (PSN) account:

  1. Scroll down to Playstation Network

  2. Type in your Playstation in-game name precisely as it appears on your PSN Profile

  3. Click "Connect."

  4. Refresh your page to confirm that the connected account is identical to your in-game name on the Playstation console.


A complete guide to connecting, disconnecting, and troubleshooting your Discord account connection can be found in our Discord Guide here.


To ensure competitive integrity, once a game account is connected, it cannot be disconnected by a user. If you are not actively participating in a PlayVS competition, contact PlayVS Support using the chat icon or by emailing for further assistance.

V3.1 - 9/15/23 - Updated for the 2023-2024 academic year

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