Match Status Guide
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Match status is listed in the Schedule section of the Dashboard. Matches are organized into two categories:

Upcoming - Future scheduled matches.
Past Results - Matches that are in-progress or have already been completed.

Possible Status & Meanings:


These matches will be played at the displayed date and time. You can adjust your rosters for these matches but you won’t be able to enter the match lobby.


In leagues with an odd number of teams, a team may be issued a bye match at random. Bye matches will count as a win on your team’s record.


The match was terminated without any stats. Neither team was awarded a win or loss. Common reasons for cancelled matches:
1. Unplayed preseason match
2. Incorrectly scheduled or rescheduled
3. A quarantined match was rescheduled
4. An error in the match constituted a new match to be created


The match time was changed. The match is cancelled. A new match with an updated time and date was created. For more information, check out our Reschedule Guide.


The forfeiting team will receive the loss. The opponent will be awarded the win. Matches may be forfeited by teams before the match is open. PlayVS League Officials may forfeit a match after match time.
If your opponent did not show at match time, reach out to the opponent to confirm the forfeit. Once you receive the quarantine email, fill out the reason for not playing.


It’s match time! The match lobby is accessible for teams. Match codes or invitations should be available for all players listed on the rosters. For match day expectations, check out our Game Day Protocols.


The match is open and both teams properly joined the game client using the code or invitation. Any roster changes after the match is live will be applied to the next game. See our Substitution Guide for more information.


The match was played, but an error occurred. You will receive an email to resolve the issue. Explain the reason for the match issue and report any results.

PlayVS Tip: Take screenshots of your results and attach them to the quarantined match reply.

Common reasons for quarantined matches:
1. At least one player used an unconnected in-game name.
2. A League of Legends team used an incorrect Game Code.

3. Results are not reported within 48hrs of the scheduled match time.
4. Technical difficulties.


Our favorite status! This means a match has been successfully played and recorded. Stats are applied to the teams’ standings.

V.2.3 - 3/1/24

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