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What is Overwatch 2?
What is Overwatch 2?

What adult sponsors, parents, and players need to know about Overwatch

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What is Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 is a team-based, multiplayer, first-person hero action game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Overwatch 2 is rated T for Teen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the game objective of Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 is a colorful, team-based, fantasy action game starring a diverse cast of powerful heroes. Build a team, travel the world, and compete in exhilarating 5v5 objective-based combat. Overwatch 2 requires a tremendous amount of critical thinking, teamwork, and creativity from players to control objectives and influence the outcome of the match.

Which characters can I choose from?

Before the start of each game, players select from a pool of 30 different characters, called heroes. Overwatch 2 features an international cast of powerful heroes!


How is Overwatch 2 played?

For every Overwatch 2 match, players are split into two teams consisting of one (1) Tank Hero, two (2) Damage Heroes, and two (2) Support Heroes. Each hero has a unique set of skills and abilities, and teams must work together to bring out to the most of their potential. There are several competitive game modes that players will compete in, each with varying ways to attack, defend, or control objectives as they work to win the game.

What is the game format?

Teams will compete in a Best of Five (Bo5) format against one another rotating through different Overwatch 2 Game Modes and Maps. The first team to win 3 individual games will be awarded the match win.

What platform will the game be played on?

While we recommend competing in Overwatch on PC, as this is the main platform used by the highest level of competition, Overwatch 2 offers crossplay capabilities and players will be able to compete with any available platforms supported by the game. As of today, this consists of the following

  • PC

  • Playstation 4

  • Xbox One

  • Nintendo Switch

What days will Overwatch 2 be played on?

Overwatch 2’s official match days will be on Wednesdays.

What hardware will be required to play?

  • PC Requirements (Per Player)

    • PC with minimum/recommended requirements found here.

    • Mouse

    • Keyboard

    • Headset with microphone for team communication

    • Online connection

    • Account with an Overwatch 2 License

  • PS4 Requirements (Per Player)

    • PS4 Console

    • Controller

    • Headset with microphone for team communication

    • Online connection

    • Overwatch 2 for Playstation 4

    • Playstation Plus Subscription

  • Xbox One Requirements (Per Player)

    • Xbox One Console

    • Controller

    • Headset with microphone for team communication

    • Online connection

    • Overwatch 2 for Xbox One

    • Xbox Live Subscription

  • Nintendo Switch Requirements (Per Player)

    • Nintendo Switch System

    • Controller

    • Headset with microphone for team communication

    • Online connection

    • Overwatch 2 for the Nintendo Switch

    • Nintendo Switch Online Membership

Will aim-assist be supported?

Currently, controller aim-assist will be automatically turned off in any cross-play matches involving any PC players. Due to this we heavily suggest competing on PC as opposed to console.

How to Download Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is free to play. To get it on your school’s computers, follow these simple steps:

  1. Before you begin, check to make sure your computer has enough storage to complete the installer. Overwatch 2 requires about 22.5 GB of space.

  2. Once installed, you will need to navigate to the Blizzard App you just downloaded and log in at the top right-hand corner of your screen.

  3. From there, simply navigate to the Overwatch 2 Icon on the left side of the app and proceed to purchase the game.

To get Overwatch 2 on a console, head over to your console’s online store and search for Overwatch 2 and begin the download process for your console.

Once installed, your students are good to go! They can launch the client from a desktop shortcut or by searching the computer for Overwatch 2. They’ll sign in through their own accounts and can begin practicing!


Helpful Resources

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