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Splatoon™ 3 Match Instructions
Splatoon™ 3 Match Instructions
Updated this week

Important: The 2024-2025 Rulebook and Match Instructions updates are underway. Check back here in the future for more information! Once finalized, all changes will be communicated to our community through a separate Summary of Changes article. Thanks for your patience!


  1. Four (4) starting players per team.

  2. Join the lobby within the 30-minute grace period.

  3. Communicate via Match Lobby Chat.

  4. Home Teams will create private matches and send invitations.

  5. Spectators should be removed unless approved per Section 7.7 of the High School Competition Rulebook

  6. In the event of any issues, finish the current game, then notify PlayVS Support for further assistance.

Important: Please review the PlayVS Game Day Protocol here.

Setting Up the Match

Create the Custom Room (Home Team)

  1. Have the Team Captain add all teammates and opponents as Friends.

    • For more information on adding friends on the Nintendo Switch, refer to Nintendo’s supports guide here.

    • Note: Players must be added as friends before proceeding.

  2. Open Splatoon™ 3.

  3. From Splatsville, press “X” to open the Main Menu.

  4. Select Lobby.

  5. Once in the Lobby, press the “L” button and select Private Battle.

  6. Press “Y” to Create a Room.

  7. Press “Y” again to set a 4-Digit Password.

  8. Share the password in PlayVS Lobby Chat.

  9. Once created and shared, hold “Y” to broadcast your room for all participants to join.

  10. Ensure the following settings are configured as follows:

    • Recon On/Off: OFF (Default)

    • Press X to confirm Primary Gear Abilities Onlys: OFF

Join the Custom Room (Away Team)

  1. Open Splatoon™ 3.

  2. From Splatsville, press “X” to open the Main Menu.

  3. Select Lobby.

  4. Once in the Lobby, press the “L” button and select Private Battle.

  5. Wait for the pop-up notification to join the room, or select Friend who owns the Lobby.

Match Protocol (All Players)

  1. Once all players have joined the Room, use the Match Assistant on the match lobby page to perform Stage Selection and loadout selection.

  2. The Room owner will use directional inputs to:

    • Select Game Mode.

    • Select Stage.

    • Click “All Set”.

    • Confirm each player is on the correct team (Either Alpha or Bravo).

    • Click “Looks Good!”.

  3. All players will have 90 seconds to Ready Up.

    • Players can press “+” to equip their preferred fit.

    • Anything a player has unlocked may be used except for Splatfest Tees, which are prohibited and their use can result in an automatic loss for the game.

    • If a player disconnection occurs, refer to section 1.4.2 Game Disconnection in the Splatoon™ 3 Rulebook.

  4. For Games 2 and onward, repeat the Match Protocol steps until the match is complete.

  5. If you need to substitute a player, notify your opponent and use the Substitution Protocol between games to update the roster.

Post-Match Process

  • After both teams agree to the final game's result using the PlayVS Match Assistant, the match will complete and results will be recorded.

  • Take in-game screenshots at the end of each game for your records.

  • If the Match Assistant is skipped, coaches are responsible for verifying that results have been reported manually

  • Matches without results will be quarantined, and risk a match loss for both teams by default.

  • In the event of an error, contact PlayVS Support for further assistance.

Important: By default, Rulebooks overrule Match Instructions. Please reach out to PlayVS Support if you find conflicting information.


V3.0 - 9/6/23 // Refreshed for ‘23/’24 Season

V3.1 - 1/16/24 // Match Instructions formatting

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