Weekly Champion Unlock Submissions

By 8 am Pacific Time each Monday, in order to receive League Unlocked, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Enrolled: Players must be enrolled into League of Legends as a starting player or as a substitute for an enrolled team.

  2. Account connected: Players and Coaches must have their League of Legends account connected.

If these conditions were met and you are still experiencing issues:

  • Log out of and back into the League of Legends client.

    • Tip: Closing the client is less effective than signing out.

  • Confirm that you are logging in to the correct account.

    • Tip: Only the account connected ands listed in PlayVS settings will receive champions.

  • Uninstall the League of Legends Client and Reinstall

Important: Players and Coaches who miss the weekly deadline will be included the following week. Champion Unlock request lists are sent over Mondays to Riot Games so if you were not connected prior to this weeks list being sent over, you will not see the Champion Unlock until the following week.

V1.1 - Added Troubleshooting Tip (Uninstall & Reinstall)

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