What is Hearthstone?

What coaches, parents, and players need to know about Hearthstone

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Hearthstone is a turn-based card game developed and published by Blizzard. Hearthstone is rated T for Teen.

What's the game objective of Hearthstone?

Teams of three players will compete in a series of 1v1s using constructed decks of 30 cards and a selected hero with a unique power. Players take turns using resources to play spells or summon minions, then attack their opponent to damage and eventually destroy their hero.

Which cards and heroes can I choose from?

Players can select any hero and cards currently available in the Standard format.

What is the match format?

Teams of three players will compete in a Best of Five (Bo5) Conquest format using the Standard set rotation.

In this 3v3 Conquest format, each team will bring a lineup of three different classes. Each player will be in charge of playing (aka “Piloting”) one of the three chosen classes.

Each team chooses one of their decks to battle the opponent with, and battle with under the following guidelines:

  • Any winning deck cannot be played again during the match

  • Any defeated deck may be played again in the next game.

The first team to win with all three of their decks will be awarded the win for the match. Each game lasts about 15 minutes on average.

What platform will the game be played on?

Hearthstone can be played cross-platform between any of the following devices:

  • PC/Mac

  • Android/iOS devices

What days will Hearthstone be played on?

Hearthstone’s official match days will be on Thursdays.

What hardware or software will be required to play?

  • PC Requirements (Per Player)

    • PC with the minimum/recommended requirements as shown here

    • Mouse & Keyboard

    • Battle.net Account with Hearthstone installed

  • Mac/Android/IOS devices

Do each of my players need to have a Battle.net account with Hearthstone installed?

A team may play on a shared account for league play. The shared account must be connected to a player on the team’s roster. However, we recommend that each player create their own account to play and learn the basics of the game.

What is Hearthstone® Card Unlock, and how do I sign up?

Teams enrolled in PlayVS Hearthstone leagues will gain access to Battle.net accounts preloaded with card packs for your teams to use! For more information about this, please visit our Hearthstone® Card Unlock Overview.

How to Download Hearthstone

Ensure your computer has enough storage to complete the installer. Hearthstone requires about 4 GB of internal memory. To download the game, you have two easy choices. You can either:

  • Navigate to battle.net, toggle down the Browse button, select Hearthstone, and click Play For Free.

The download begins automatically, so check your downloads folder for a new file called Hearthstone-Setup and double click to Install. A new popup requesting you to allow the download will appear. Follow the prompts to finish the download and begin playing.

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