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Match Disputes & Behavior Reports

Highlighting the process to dispute matches and how they are addressed

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Were your match results reported incorrectly? Or has an opposing player or team violated our Code of Conduct? We are here to help! This is a step-by-step process for submitting disputes and behavior reports, as well as a quick overview of how PlayVS works to address your reports.

Submitting a Match Dispute

Only Coaches have the ability to submit a Match Dispute for League Officials to review. Should an issue arise on or after game day, follow the steps below to ensure your situation is addressed as quickly as possible.

For In-Game Rule and/or Game Day Protocol Violations:

  1. Teams must pause the match at the time of the violation

    • Use the in-game pause feature, if possible

    • At the end of the game, exit the lobby entirely

  2. The Coach catching the violation must send a message in the PlayVS Match Lobby Chat.

  3. If the situation cannot be resolved between the teams or the opposing Coach is not responsive, then submit a PlayVS Support Ticket immediately.

  4. Once connected with a rep, a PlayVS Admin will enter your chat to address the dispute.

    1. Important: Coaches are expected to remain responsive in match lobby chat throughout the dispute process.

  5. The PlayVS Admin will ask both coaches clarifying questions to collect the full details of the dispute in Lobby Chat.

  6. The PlayVS Admin will share those details with League Officials for immediate review.

  7. The PlayVS Admin will share suggestions to resolve the issue. If needed, they will collect a ruling from League Officials.

Note: All final decisions regarding penalties lie solely with PlayVS, as mentioned in 14.1 Finality of Decisions. By completing a match, both teams are confirming that rulebooks and protocols were properly followed. Decisions cannot be appealed, but feedback can always be shared in any verified PlayVS Support channel.

For Match Results, or situations that occur after a match has been completed:

  1. Open a PlayVS Match that has been Completed

  2. From the Scoreboard, select “Dispute Results.

  3. Use the drop-down to provide a Reason for the Dispute

  4. Use the text box to provide a detailed explanation and let League Admins know what happened

  5. Attach a relevant screenshot to support your dispute

    • For example, add a screenshot of the correct results of a match if the results were reported incorrectly.

  6. Click “Submit Dispute

  7. Once submitted, a PlayVS Admin will:

  • Review the dispute and any relevant match details

  • Share those details with League Officials for a final review and ruling

  • If necessary, your Admin will update match results and communicate changes via email from

Important: Matches can be disputed up to one week after the originally scheduled match time. After one week, the results will be finalized.

Submitting a Behavior Report

In order to provide the best competitive experience possible, all players and coaches are expected to uphold the sportsmanship standards set in our Code of Conduct.

If a player or coach exhibits behavior that violates these expectations, please submit a PlayVS Support ticket.

Please add the following details:

  • Your team name and esport

  • The date the behavior occurred

  • The name of the Player/Coach/Team being reported

  • The reason for the report

  • A brief description of the situation you or your team encountered

  • Screenshots, Clips, or any other materials to help support your report

    • Tip: If several videos or screenshots are available, upload these to a cloud storage folder, then share an accessible link in your support ticket.

How PlayVS Responds to Behavior Reports

All behavior reports are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and investigated to the fullest extent of a League Admin’s capabilities. Actions include, but are not limited to:

  • Contacting coaches, school administrators, or state associations.

  • Setting up consultations with the regional Customer Success representatives.

  • Issuing forfeits, suspensions, or bans.

If necessary, those contacted by League Officials regarding a player or coach’s behavior are expected to respond as soon as possible to address the behavior.

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