Enrolling your team in five easy steps:

1) Verify players

2) Create teams

3) Add players

4) Enroll players and teams

5) Confirm Enrollment

Step 1: Verify Players

Select the bright orange ‘Verify’ button.


Step 2: Create Teams

Once the player is verified, click on the ‘Teams’ section. You’ll find it under the ‘Players’ section.

Now you’ll be able to create a new team.


Step 3: Add Players

Add players to the team(s) you’ve created.


Step 4: Enroll Players and Teams

Once a team’s roster is complete, click ‘Begin Fall 2020 Enrollment’ to enroll players AND teams for the Fall 2020 season.


Step 5: Confirm Enrollment

Select all teams and substitutes you want to enroll, click ‘Complete’ to confirm.


That’s it!

Your team is all set to participate in the Fall 2020 season!

Need additional support? Please reach out to support@playvs.com

Best of luck this season!

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