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IT Troubleshooting for Game Day Issues
IT Troubleshooting for Game Day Issues

Steps for common technical and internet connection issues that may pop up on match days

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PlayVS Platform Troubleshooting

General Website Troubleshooting

When users reach out to PlayVS Support regarding technical issues they're encountering with our site, our representatives will recommend the below methods to try:

  • Hard refresh your browser window or tab.

  • Confirm that your Ad-Blocker is turned off or whitelists

  • Open and log in to the PlayVS site on a different browser.

  • Clear your browser's Cache and Cookies.

  • Check to see if your browser is up-to-date.

  • For issues with Lobby Chat, check to ensure the proper Ports & URLs are whitelisted

If none of the methods listed above resolve page errors, contact PlayVS Support through the chat feature or at

Error Message: "An account with that email address already exists."

Once a user clicks "Create Account" with an email and password, an account is automatically generated on the PlayVS side, even if the account creation process is not fully completed. Use the following two steps to regain access to your email and/or account.

  1. Select "Sign In" and attempt to use the same email and password to regain access to that account and continue the account creation process.

  2. If Step 1 is not possible, submit a support ticket to PlayVS Support using the chat feature, and a representative will assist you as soon as they are available.

Connecting Game Accounts to your PlayVS Account

Our Game Connections Guide goes step-by-step on how to connect your individual game accounts to your PlayVS account. Here are some common situations you may encounter and how to resolve them:

Error code: "Request failed with status code 404."

This error typically occurs when your game account is under 24 hours old or has not been used in-game. If your account meets this criteria, and you're still receiving this error message, contact PlayVS Support through the chat feature or at

Error code: "Undefined Account No Platform Selected" - Epic Games

This error occurs when a player has connected their Epic Games account but has not yet confirmed their platform. All players must go to their Account Settings page and select the platform they play through to resolve this error. More information on how to add a platform can be found in our Game Connections Guide.

"I want to disconnect my game account, but the button is greyed out."

Once a player has played in a regular season game, the account used in the match must be used for the remainder of the season. If the player has not yet played or is not enrolled in an active season, contact PlayVS Support through the chat feature or at to get the game account disconnected.

The Match Queue

My timer is stuck and not moving

Refresh your page to resolve any issues related to the timer!

The "Find Opponent" button is greyed out.

For coaches, confirm that your team has all roster slots filled and that all players on the team have their game accounts connected prior to joining the match queue.

Alternatively, confirm that you do not already have a match with an opponent scheduled. An existing scheduled scrimmage or match with no results can prevent your team from joining the match queue.

The PlayVS Match Assistant

My assistant is stuck on "Waiting on Opponent."

One member of each team in a match must be actively using the Match Assistant. If either team does not progress the steps listed in their respective Game Day Protocol, the assistant will not move forward.

If you have been sitting on "Waiting on Opponent" for a while, then perform the following steps:

  • Refresh your page to confirm that you are waiting for your opponent

  • Reach out to your opponent in Match Lobby Chat and confirm someone is using the tool on the other side as well

  • Have a different user (coach or player) attempt to use the tool

If each of the steps above does not resolve your issue, contact PlayVS Support through the chat feature or at

Alternatively, teams can use the "Skip Assistant" steps in their Game Day Protocol to only revert to manual results submission.

Game Day Troubleshooting

Before match start time, we recommend thoroughly checking all player equipment to resolve any technical issues in advance. Below are initial troubleshooting methods to try:

  • Log out, then log back into the game client.

  • Restart your game and/or game client.

  • Test your internet connection and ensure stability for online gameplay.

  • Restart your device.

  • Try to launch the game from a separate device

In the event that your player(s) cannot connect for the match, PlayVS recommends you to reschedule (if possible) to allow enough time for troubleshooting. Per High School Competition Rulebook Section 9.1.2 Inability to Compete, teams unable to connect will need to reschedule or risk receiving a forfeit for the match.

For Game-Specific Troubleshooting steps, see below:

Rocket League

My player(s) are not receiving invites

Invites are sent directly to the account & platform selected within the Match Assistant. If a player is not receiving an invite, confirm that they are connected to the correct account and their platform. If the account & platform look correct, confirm it is also correct at

If the player is connected properly and still not receiving invites, contact PlayVS Support through the chat feature or at

League of Legends

The League of Legends client is not launching or crashing.

If you're having difficulties with launching the game, or the game continuously crashes, you can attempt to resolve it by downloading the Hextech Repair Tool from the League of Legends Support site.

The League of Legends lobby code is not appearing or working.

Riot Games is in the process of updating its Tournament API. Due to this, lobby codes and in-game stats will not properly generate on match lobby pages. Updates to their system will go into effect on 10/11/23. Please use the Custom Lobby Process to complete the match.

League of Legends lobby codes for matches are generated at two unique times: once at the match start time and shortly after the previous game is complete. If the first lobby code for game 1 does not appear at the match start time or the next code is not generated, please contact PlayVS Support through the chat feature on our site or at

Our school's Firewall is blocking League of Legends from launching.

If League of Legends is impacted by your school's firewall, submit a PlayVS Support ticket with your League and Riot Client logs. Logs are typically found on your computer's hard drive in the following locations:

  • C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\LeagueClient Logs

  • C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Riot Games\Riot Client\Logs\Riot Client Logs

Nintendo Titles (Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate, Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe, Splatoon™ 3)

My team cannot connect to my opponent.

  • Confirm your device's NAT Type - All Nintendo Switch devices must have at least a NAT Type B connection in order to compete.

    • To test, Open "System Settings" from the Home page of your Nintendo Switch device

    • Navigate to "Internet" and select "Test Connection"

    • Look for the letter next to "NAT Type"

    • Further troubleshooting steps can be found in Nintendo Support's guide

  • If your device is still unable to connect, pass our Nintendo Switch Connectivity Troubleshooting article to your IT Administrator for them to investigate further.

My player/opponent is lagging.

Latency and connection issues can occur for several reasons - To help League Officials better identify the root cause of the issue, perform the following steps, testing your connection between each one:

  1. If possible, the Home Team should host the lobby from:

    1. A separate device

    2. A separate location/IP address

  2. The Away Team attempt to host the lobby from:

    1. A separate device

    2. A separate location/IP address

  3. If latency is still impacting your match after steps 1 & 2, test your Devices NAT Type to share with League Officials.

    1. Teams will need at least a NAT Type of B to properly connect. If a school has a NAT Type C or lower, refer to the Connectivity Troubleshooting guide above to address the connection.

  4. If the issue can not be resolved, work with your opponent to reschedule within the provided window to reschedule.

  5. If a reschedule is not possible, or if the issues persist after rescheduling to another date/time, share the results of your testing with PlayVS Support through the chat feature or at for a League Official to investigate further.

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