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Our goal is to make the PlayVS experience the best it can be for both coaches and players. We offer many resources to support your tech questions. This guide provides the steps for common issues that users may encounter in-product or on match day. Here we’ll review:

PlayVS Site Troubleshooting

When users reach out to PlayVS Support regarding technical issues they’re encountering with our site, our representatives will recommend the below methods to try:

  • Use Ctrl + R to refresh your browser window or tab.

  • Open and log in to the PlayVS site on a different browser.

  • Clear your browser’s Cache and Cookies.

  • Check to see if your browser is up-to-date.

If none of the methods listed above resolve page errors, contact PlayVS Support through the chat feature on our site for further assistance or at

Connecting a game account to your PlayVS Account

Our Game Connections Guide goes step-by-step on how to connect your individual game accounts to your PlayVS account. Here are some common error codes you may encounter, and how to resolve them:

“Request failed with status code 404” - League of Legends account

  • This is an error that appears when your League of Legends account is too new. Accounts must be at least 24 hours old and have the full in-game tutorial completed before they can be connected to PlayVS. If you or your player’s account meets these criteria and you’re still receiving this error message, contact PlayVS Support through the chat feature on our site or at

“Undefined Account No Platform Selected” - Epic account

  • This error is caused by a team having players that have not selected a platform for their Epic Games account connection yet. All players on the team must go to their Account Settings page by the Epic Games account connection and then select the platform they play through for this error to be resolved. More information on how to add a platform can be found in our Game Connections Guide.

Not receiving PlayVS emails

Since PlayVS is not part of the school or district system, you may need to complete some steps to ensure our emails get to your inbox. For details on how to whitelist our domains, check out our Receiving PlayVS Emails.

Game Troubleshooting

Prior to match start time, we recommend making a thorough check of all player equipment to resolve any technical issues in advance. Below are initial troubleshooting methods to try:

  • Log out then log back into the game client.

  • Restart your game and/or game client.

  • Test your internet connection and ensure stability for online gameplay.

  • Restart your device.

If none of the methods listed above work, check to see if your issue matches the ones listed below.

Nintendo Titles (Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate, Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe, Splatoon™ 3)

Account connection

Not able to connect to opponent’s lobby

League of Legends

The League of Legends client is not launching.

  • If you’re having difficulties with launching the game, or the game continuously crashes, you can resolve it by downloading an easy tool. From the League of Legends Support site, download and run the Hextech Repair Tool.

The League of Legends lobby code is not appearing or working.

  • League of Legends lobby codes for matches are generated at two different times: once at match start time for game 1, and shortly after game 1 concludes for game 2. If the first lobby code for game 1 does not appear at match start time, please contact PlayVS Support through the chat feature on our site or at

2021 - 2022 Version 4.0

V4.0 - 02/15/2022 // Added site troubleshooting section, added more game troubleshooting scenarios - RG

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