Our goal is to make match day the best experience. Unfortunately, tech issues may occur. This guide provides the steps for common tech issues. In this guide we review:

  • IT troubleshooting checklist

  • Common Technical Issues

IT troubleshooting checklist Common actions to take when encountering an issue with your tech.

  • Check the PlayVS account. Confirm the in-game name is the same in the PlayVS ‘Game Connection’ section and in the game client. See our Game Connections article for more information on how to connect the accounts to PlayVS.

  • Log out, exit the game client, and log back in. Completely log out of the game client. When logging back in, check the player’s in-game name.

League of Legends: To log out of League of Legends, click the ‘X’ in the top right corner. Then click ‘yes.’

Rocket League: Rocket League is linked to Steam. The player can exit Rocket League by clicking the ‘exit game’ tab. Click ‘yes’ to confirm.

To log out of their account, the player must open Steam and log out through the Steam client. Click the account name in the top right corner. Choose ‘Log out of account.’

SMITE: To exit out of SMITE, press the ‘esc’ key. Then click ‘exit’ and ‘ok’ on the next screens. Players can log out by choosing ‘logout’ instead of ‘exit.’

  • Log out and log back in to the PlayVS platform. Use the top right icon. Click ‘logout.’ Log back in and check that the account is correctly connected to PlayVS and the in-game name.

  • Log out, close the browser, and log back in. Closing the browser or refreshing the page may resolve basic problems.

  • Restart the computer. A simple but helpful troubleshooting tactic. If the computer fails to shut down or restart, hold the power button down for a few seconds.

  • Use a different browser. Depending on your issue, your computer may process the platform or client more efficiently on a different browser.

  • Use a different computer. Trying a new computer will allow you to determine if the problem is with the computer or the game client.

  • Check for updates. An essential part of a successful esports program is testing your computers and game clients at least one hour prior to match time. Check out our game day protocol to help prevent IT issues at match time.
    PlayVS Tip: Utilize assistant coaches or student leadership to help restart and updated computers and game clients.

  • Coordinate with your IT department. Give your IT department the PlayVS IT checklist, whitelist, and network specifications. If you are having issues, ask your IT department to look over the whitelist, firewall, and filters.
    PlayVS Tip: Provide match schedule and location to your IT department. Invite them to join you the first weeks of practice and matches to monitor the computers.

Common Technical Issues

Occasionally, players experience technical issues on match day. Here are some of the most common issues followed by actionable steps to quickly resolve them.

Platform disruption
If your team is having platform disruptions, follow the custom match creation steps below. Submit a ticket with the team names and results -- be sure to include screenshots for each game. A PlayVS League Official will review the results submitted by both teams and update match details accordingly.

League of Legends: How to create a custom match

Rocket League: How to create a custom match

SMITE: How to create a custom match

No game invitation or match join code
Game invitations are based on in-game names linked to the player dashboard. Follow the game-specific instructions below before submitting a ticket.

League of Legends:

  1. Check the PlayVS account and Summoner Name in the ‘Game Connection’ section.

  2. Check the Summoner Name in the game client.

  3. Log out and back in for both the game client and PlayVS.

  4. If this is a last minute roster change or if the game lobby states “Game Disbanded,” have another player send a lobby invitation or game code via a messenger.

Rocket League and SMITE:

  1. Check the PlayVS account and in-game name in the ‘Game Connection’ section.

  2. Check the in-game name in the game client.

  3. Log out and back in for both the game client and PlayVS.

  4. All players from both teams leave the lobby. Reenter the lobby at the same time.

PlayVS Tip: Check for weekly updates at least one hour prior to match time. Some game clients take longer to update.

If you're still experienced issues or your specific issue is not listed here, submit a ticket with the following information: player name, account, and esport.

Not receiving PlayVS emails
Check out our Receiving PlayVS Emails Guide for how to whitelist our emails.
Since PlayVS is not part of the school or district system, you may need to complete some steps to ensure our emails get to your inbox.



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