Step 1: Verify Players

  1. To verify, log into the PlayVS app.

  2. Navigate to your School's PlayVS page.

  3. With your coach permissions active, you will see a list of "Pending" students that are requesting access to your school.

  4. For all students enrolled at your school, click the orange button, Verify.

Step 2: Create Teams

  1. Verify all players.

  2. In the top right, select Create Team.

  3. Select the esport that your team will be competing in.

  4. Fill out each drop down menu.

Step 3: Add Players

  1. On the following "Team Management" Page, click Add Player.

  2. Select the verified player you wish to add to that role/position.

  3. Repeat for each player.

Step 4a: Enroll Players and Individual Teams

  1. Complete the team roster.

  2. To enroll the players AND the team for that season, click Enroll Team.

Step 4b: Enroll Teams in Bulk

  1. On the “Manage Teams” page, click Begin Enrollment.

  2. On the following page, select the teams that you wish to enroll.

  3. Click Complete Enrollment.

Step 5: Choose Break Week or Bye Week

We may ask teams to choose their preferred bye week or break week. Please use the drop down menu to indicate your preference.

Step 6: Add Substitutes

Check out our Substitution Guide!

Tip: You can also unenroll your team and opt out of preseason.

Best of luck this season! Need additional support? Please reach out to

V2.0 - 10/4/21 // Substitution info changes with bench system

V2.1 - 1/20/22 // Updated step 5 on bye week for spring break
V3.0 - 2/8/22 // Added enrollment walkthrough video -AK & LS
V3.1 - 5/10/22 // Updated for general seasonal expectations -AK

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