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Joining the PlayVS Match Queue
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The Match Queue feature confirms a team’s readiness and automatically matches up teams for competition once joined.

The Preseason queue is open to all enrolled teams for the esport and takes into account any competitive history on the PlayVS platform.

The Regular season queue takes into account competitive history in the current season and is only open to schools enrolled in that unique league.

Joining the Match Queue

  1. Go to your PlayVS Dashboard or Schedule page.

  2. Locate and open the lobby of the match that states “vs. TBD.”

  3. Locate and click the “Find Opponent” button on the match lobby page.

  4. You will be taken to the Match Queue screen and added to the pool of teams seeking a matchup.

Waiting for a Matchup

1. For teams in the preseason queue:

  • Confirm that you are in the queue. You’ll know when the prompt “Looking for a Team” and a countdown timer begins. You will also see the number of teams currently in the queue.

    • A countdown timer of 10 minutes will begin when the first team joins the queue. All other teams joining after the countdown starts will see the remaining time until teams are matched up.

    • At the end of the 10 minutes, all teams in the queue will be matched up.

    • The timer will stop once fifty (50) teams have joined the queue and immediately match up all teams.

  • Once an opponent is found, the user joining the queue will be automatically redirected to the new match lobby page. All team members will see the new opponent matchup on their schedule from the Match Lobby home page.

  • If only one team is in the queue at the end of the 10 minutes, or if there is an odd number of teams, the page will show “No Match Found” and prompt the team to rejoin the match queue.

  • Clicking Rejoin Queue will take the user back to the previous “Looking for a Team” page and restart the queue timer.

2. For teams in the regular season queue:

  • Confirm that you are in the queue by seeing “Looking for a Team” and a countdown timer.

  • The Match Queue is open 10 minutes before match start time and 30 minutes after. Teams will be paired in 10-minute intervals. This may take a few tries, so please be patient while we find you the best matchup!

  • If you don’t find an opponent, the search will continue in 10-minute intervals beginning at the match start time and show “Still Searching…”.

  • Once an opponent is found, the Match Queue will show “Opponent Found”, and the user who joined the queue will be redirected to the new match lobby page automatically. All team members will see the new opponent matchup on their schedule from the Match Lobby home page.

  • If we do not find you an opponent after multiple attempts, in rare cases, we grant your team a “bye” win. In a “bye” case, we couldn't find you a match opponent, and your team automatically wins the match, as shown below. If your team would still like to play after your bye, you can join our Scrimmage queue for fun!


What is the difference between the regular and preseason match queue?

The preseason queue is global, and any team enrolled in that specific esport can be matched up regardless of the league/state they are enrolled in. Additionally, to accommodate new schools getting set up for the first time, the preseason queue can be joined earlier to later than the scheduled start time.

The regular season queue is only available for teams enrolled in the specific league and must be joined within the queue’s available window. For example, a “vs. TBD” match scheduled for 4:00 PM CT must be joined between 3:50 PM and 4:30 PM, or risk receiving a forfeit for that regular season week.

Why does my schedule show “vs. TBD”?

This means your team is slated to join the match queue for their upcoming match that week.

Why do I need to join the match queue?

Teams will need to join the match queue if a) they have not yet competed in the current regular season, b) their opponent forfeited the match prior to the scheduled match time, or c) they forfeited their most recent match.

What happens if I don’t get matched up?

If a team in the queue is not matched up during the preseason, they will be prompted to rejoin the queue.

If a team in the queue is not matched up when the regular season queue closes, they will receive a Bye for that week.

Do preseason matches affect my team’s record?

Preseason matches do not impact a team’s regular season standing or future regular season matchups.

How long do I have to wait in the queue?

The preseason queue will have a maximum waiting time of 10 minutes before teams are matched up, and the queue closes.

The regular season queue opens up 10 minutes prior to the official match start time and matches teams up at 10-minute intervals. Teams will have a potential maximum waiting time of 40 minutes.

Can I reschedule my Match Queue slot?

No, match queue matches cannot be rescheduled.

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