This article is a work in progress as we await the release of the new/updated title for our Fall 2022 season. While we anticipate a few changes between titles, please note that these rules are not final and subject to change. We will communicate via coach notes when final rules are available for this title. Thanks for your patience!

IT Steps - Day of Match

Setting Up the Match - Home Team

Import Match Settings

Joining the Match - Home Team

Joining the Match - Away Team

Match Process

Map Side & Selection

Post-Match Process

Submitting a Forfeit Request


  1. The lobby leader inputs the correct game type and must start the game immediately after both teams indicate through chat that they are ready to play.

  2. Adult sponsors and players are encouraged to communicate with one another pre-game via the Match Lobby Chat.

  3. Matches will consist of a best-of-five game series with a sixth game in the event of a tie or draw. Each game within the match consists of a different game type. The home team will be responsible for setting up each game.

  4. No spectating. Adult sponsors/Players cannot join a match as a spectator. If either team is found to be spectating the match, it’s an automatic loss for that round or match at PlayVS' discretion.

IT Steps: Day of Match (at least 1 hour before)

  1. Restart all systems at least one hour before scheduled matches and test each game client by loading into an online multiplayer lobby.

  2. Update the patch for the game by starting the game on each console, as this will trigger a check for any updates.

  3. Give your IT department a heads up and have them on standby if any technical issues come up during matches.

Setting Up the Match (Home Team)

In the Match Dashboard on the PlayVS platform, both teams will see who is responsible for hosting the match and setting up the games.

After logging Blizzard's Game Launcher, select Overwatch, and select "Play" in the client. Once the game launches, select “Play”.

Select "Game Browser"

Select "Create"

Rename the game title to “PlayVS [name of Home Team or School] vs [name of Away Team or School]”. An example of this format is in the picture below. After the game is renamed, change "Friends Only" to "Invite Only".

Once the lobby is created, rename Team 1 to the Home Team’s name and Team 2 to the Away Team’s. After names have been changed, import the match settings using the following instructions.

Import Match Settings

Select “Settings” on the right side of the screen.

Under Summary, select the Import Code icon (as shown below).

Input the code "VM8M4" -- this will import the settings from PlayVS Collegiate ruleset.

When settings have been imported successfully, Invite the rest of your teammates to the lobby, and one teammate from the Away Team to invite the rest of your opponents. Once all players have joined using the instructions below, select “Start” to be taken to the Hero select screen. Choose your Hero, select “Continue” and begin the match.

Joining the Match (Home Team)

  1. Open Overwatch

  2. Select "Social"

  3. Right-click on the teammate responsible for setting up the match.

  4. Select "Join Group"

  5. Choose your Hero & play

Joining the Match (Away Team)

  1. Open Overwatch

  2. Have one member of your team become friends with the leader of the home team

  3. Accept the invitation to join the match

  4. Invite the rest of your teammates

  5. Choose your Hero & play

Match Process

Please reference Section 1.5 of the Overwatch Rulebook for more information on Game Format.

The match is a series of 5 games. The first Control map will be chosen by the higher seeded team. The losing team of the first game will have map selection on all games after. The losing team will determine the map, while the winning team will have side selection. (Note: In the lobby, Team 1 will always defend first and Team 2 will always attack first).

Game Mode

Map Pool

Game 1: Control (Highest Seed Chooses)

Ilios, Busan, Lijiang Tower, Nepal, Oasis

Game 2: Assault

Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, Volskaya Industries

Game 3: Escort

Dorado, Havana, Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Game 4: Hybrid

Hollywood, King's Row, Numbani

Game 5: Control

Busan, Ilios, Lijiang Tower, Nepal, Oasis

Game 6 (Tiebreaker ONLY): Control


Map Side & Selection

Higher Seed ➤ Picks Control Map 1

Loser of Map 1 ➤ Picks Map 2

Winner of Map 1 ➤ Selects Side

Loser of Map 2 ➤ Picks Map 3

Winner of Map 2 ➤ Selects Side

Loser of Map 3 ➤ Picks Map 4

Winner of Map 3 ➤ Selects Side

Loser of Map 4 ➤ Picks Map 5

Winner of Map 4 ➤ Selects Side

Note: All games in a scheduled match must be played and completed for a match to be considered complete.

After Game 1

  • Adult sponsors are required to submit a screenshot of the results.

  • The home team player will ensure that the second game is an Assault map.

After Game 2

  • Adult sponsors are required to submit a screenshot of the results.

  • The home team player will ensure that the third game is an Escort map.

After Game 3

  • Adult sponsors are required to submit a screenshot of the results.

  • The home team player will ensure that the fourth game is a Hybrid map.

After Game 4

  • Adult sponsors are required to submit a screenshot of the results.

  • The home team player will ensure that the fifth game is a Control map.

After Game 5

  • Adult sponsors are required to submit a screenshot of the results.

  • Results can be added by selecting "Add Game Results" from the Mission Control page.

Post-Match Process

  • Players will share the results of each game and any screenshots with their adult sponsor.

  • All adult sponsors are responsible for inputting the results of all games of the match within 2 hours of the last game played.

  • All adult sponsors will input the results by selecting "Add Game Results" from "Mission Control".

Submitting a Forfeit Request for No Shows or Failed Communication Attempts with Opponents

In the event, you're unable to get in touch with your match opponent (through Discord,, not responding to game invites, etc.) within 30 minutes of the match start time you can submit a forfeit request. Submitting a forfeit request needs to go through the support chat on the website (must be logged in and adblocker disabled) and must include some sort of proof for us to confirm the forfeit.

Proof submitted must sufficiently show that the opposing team was not ready to play the match or did not have intentions of playing the match.

Important: By default, rulebooks overrule game day protocols. Please reach out to support if you find conflicting information.


V 2.0 - 9/24/21 // All teams responsible for match result input

V 2.1 - 10/1/21 // All games must be played in a match

V 2.2 -0 10/12/21 // Matches will consist of a set-of-five game series with

V 2.3 - 01/11/22 // Added Overview, Post-Game Process sections, reformatted match day process and join instructions.

V3.0 - 2/4/22 // Youth additions & forfeit window - AK
V3.1 - 2/16/22 // Clarified game renaming format - RG

V3.2 - 2/18/22 // Overview corrected to Best of 5 - JM

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