If your team does not already exist, please use the workflow below. If you have a team that is competing in a season currently, use the other workflow to Enroll an Existing Team.

  1. Log in to your PlayVS account.

  2. At the top right, click Create Team.

  3. Choose which game title you’d like to enroll for.

  4. Choose or enter a team name. Once chosen, click Create Team.

  5. From the top right, click the grey dropdown button to choose the season you want to enroll for.

  1. To register your players or edit your team roster, click Add Player.

    • Important: Players can’t be enrolled in the same esport for two different teams. To add players from a preexisting team, wait to make those changes until after the current season ends. Players will not appear if they’re enrolled in the same esport for the current season.

  2. Your team is enrolled! In the top right, you will find the registration deadline, season start date, and season end date.

Before the season begins, please review the High School Competition Rulebook and the Rulebook for your game title.

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