PlayVS Beta FAQ

Answers for the top questions surrounding new platform features, and how to share feedback

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We are constantly theory-crafting opportunities to improve the PlayVS experience for our coaches and players. Users will now have the opportunity to test out pre-release features and tools with the launch of Beta Features.

See below for a list of Current, Planned, and Launched Beta Features:

Current Beta Features

Team Captains

Starting this season, Coaches will have the option to assign Team Captain roles to their Players. To start, Team Captains will be able to adjust the Roster and Bench tabs on their Team Card and join the PlayVS Match Queue for their respective team(s).

Team Captains will be shown to all other users via a unique “Captain” icon on the Team Card and title/color in Match Lobby Chat. Only one Team Captain can be assigned per team.

To add a Team Captain, head over to your Manage Teams page, and on the Roster tab of your Team Card, locate and click the Promote to Captain icon, then click Submit.

Planned Beta Features

Team Captain Capabilities

The team is looking to add additional responsibilities to Team Captains as the feature is launched and feedback is provided by our users. Future capabilities may include:

  • Submitting match results (when Match Assistant is not used)

  • Creating & joining scrimmages

  • Joining the Practice Day Queue

Command View for Schedule Page - Coach Accounts Only

The Command View is an exciting new way for Coaches to manage their matches at scale. Toggle the view on the Schedule page to not only view each of your matches but manage multiple match queues, assistants, and lobby chats, all from the comfort of your Schedule page!

Launched Features (Previously in Beta)

  • Splatoon™ 3 Match Assistant (Matches & Scrimmages)

  • Madden NFL Match Assistant (Matches & Scrimmages)

  • NBA 2K Match Assistant (Scrimmages)


How can I access PlayVS Beta features?

This depends on the feature in Beta. Steps to access can be found in the Current Beta Features section above. For example, Unique Match Assistant Betas will be found from an active match in that individual esport when using the Match Assistant tool.

How do I get help if I have an issue with a Beta Feature?

Users that opt-in to the Beta Feature will always have an opportunity to return things to normal by using a toggle or skip function.

If you are unable to resolve the issue or would like further assistance without disabling your Beta access, submit a ticket to PlayVS Support. Use the orange chat icon in your browser, or email us at

How can I provide my feedback to PlayVS?

Both coaches and players can provide feedback directly to the PlayVS Customer Experience team. Submit a ticket using the orange chat icon in your browser or by emailing us at

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