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Match Reporting Guide

A guide to reporting results, issues, and emergencies for your matches.

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Our goal is to provide the best possible matchday experience. This guide provides the necessary steps to report match results, game day issues, and unexpected emergencies to the Customer Experience team as needed.

Game Day IT Issues

IT issues on game day are often a frustrating experience. To combat this and get teams competing as quickly as possible, our team has put together the IT Troubleshooting for Game Day issues guide. If your issues persist, contact PlayVS Support.

Reporting Match Results

For matches using the PlayVS Match Assistant tool, results are reported as each game is completed, with the final results recorded after the match.

If the PlayVS Match Assistant was not used, the match results must be submitted manually within 1 hour of match completion. Players should take screenshots of the match results and share those with their coaches for their records.

If match results can not be submitted, contact PlayVS Support.

Match Disputes & Behavior Reports

If a rule violation occurs during a match, Coaches must work with each other to address and resolve the issue. If an issue cannot be resolved, the opposing coach is absent, or inappropriate behavior occurs, contact PlayVS Support for a League Admin to address the situation promptly.

After a match is complete, coaches can submit a Match Dispute from a completed match page.

For more information, refer to the Match Disputes & Behavior Reports guide.


Emergencies, referred to by PlayVS as unforeseen, uncontrollable circumstances, unplanned or uncontrollable events that result in a player, coach, or team’s inability to attend a match. If you are encountering an emergency, ensure you and others are in a safe and secure place, and then once you are able, contact PlayVS Support with the following information:

  1. A description of the emergency.

  2. The name of the team(s) affected.

  3. If the match was ongoing or completed, provide screenshots and the match results for League Officials to review.

Contacting PlayVS Support

To reach out and speak with a PlayVs representative, use the orange chat icon at the bottom right of the PlayVS site or email us at

To provide the best assistance possible, we expect users who are reaching out to be respectful to our representatives and League Officials as they help answer your questions and concerns. Please review the full PlayVS Support Interaction Policy available here.

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