A guide for using our Scrimmage feature on the PlayVS platform.

Scrimmages are a vital part of practices. PlayVS allows teams to request or join scrimmages with other PlayVS teams, allowing teams to experience additional matchday-like competition on their own schedule, multiple times a week.

In this guide we review:
1. Creating a scrimmage
2. Canceling a scrimmage
3. Joining another team’s scrimmage
4. FAQ


Scrimmages are unofficial matches played through the PlayVS platform. You’ll use the same steps you’d use to enter a league match. The only difference is while stats will be recorded and reported for each scrimmage, they will not count towards your league standings or profile.

Scrimmages are managed in the Scrimmage section of the Coach dashboard. Select the Scrimmage tab to view and manage upcoming and past scrimmages. Coaches may join other teams’ scrimmages from this section, or create their own.

Create a New Scrimmage

Coaches may create new scrimmages through our Scrimmage section. Any scrimmages that need opponents will display for opposing coaches in their ‘Available Scrimmages’ section. Share your scrim link to play with any PlayVS team.

Teams may only play one scrimmage per hour. Matches default to the number of games as official matches. League of Legends is a set of two games. Rocket League is a best of five games.

To create a new scrimmage match:

  1. Select the Scrimmage tab in the left sidebar.

  2. Click ‘Create Scrimmage’ in the right top corner.

Canceling a Scrimmage

Coaches may cancel a scrimmage directly in the Scrimmage section. Scrimmages with an opponent may be canceled through the match’s Lobby. You will not be penalized for canceling a match.

Cancel a Scrimmage in Scrimmage section:

  1. Locate the scrimmage you would like to cancel in the Scrimmage tab.

  2. Select the three dots on the right side of the scrimmage.

Cancel a Scrimmage in Schedule:

  1. Locate the scrimmage you would like to cancel in the Schedule tab.

  2. Select the scrimmage match listed in ‘Upcoming.’

Joining a Scrimmage

Coaches can browse all available scrimmages created by opponents in the Scrimmage section.

To Join a Scrimmage:

  1. Review the esport title, team, format, date, and time.

  2. Locate the scrimmage you would like to join.

  3. Once confirmed, to the right, click Join.


What rules or guidelines should we follow for scrimmages?

Teams should follow the same game day protocols as our official matches. However, scrimmage rules are modified to allow more practice flexibility. Click here to read our Scrimmage Rules and Guidelines.

Where do players see our scrimmage match?

Scheduled scrimmage matches display in the Schedule section for players. They will not be able to see available or created matches.

Can our team scrimmage teams in other leagues?

Simple answer - yes! Just share your scrim link. Any PlayVS team may use it to join your match.

Can my teams scrimmage each other?

Teams from the same school may scrimmage each other. Follow the same steps by for joining a match; use the link or available scrimmage list.

Are scrimmage stats reported on my Team Profile?

The purpose of these scrimmage matches is to provide your teams with an organized practice match environment. Scrimmage stats will not be used for official standings or statistics. They will not be reported on your teams’ profiles.

Can I scout my scrimmage opponent?

Coaches and players may view opponent stats from our official League of Legends matches. Click ‘View Opponent’ to view the Team Profile. Read more about scouting in our How to Scout my League of Legends Opponent guide.

Want more scrimmage information? Read our Scrimmage blog.


V3.2 - 2/1/22 // GDP link updated -AK

V3.3 -2/11/22 // Added Join instructions -AK

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