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Scrimmages on the PlayVS Platform
Scrimmages on the PlayVS Platform
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A guide for using our Scrimmage feature on the PlayVS platform.

Scrimmages are a vital part of practices. PlayVS allows teams to request or join scrimmages with other PlayVS teams, allowing teams to experience additional matchday-like competition on their own schedule, multiple times a week.

Important: Schools will need to have a team created with players added to create or join a Scrimmage. For a step-by-step guide to creating teams and adding players, view our article on High School Enrollment Steps.


Scrimmages are unofficial matches played through the PlayVS platform using the same steps you’d use to enter an official in-season league.

Scrimmages are managed in the Scrimmage section of the Coach dashboard. Select the Scrimmage page to view and manage upcoming and past scrimmages. Coaches may join other teams’ scrimmages or create their own scrimmage from this section.

Create a New Scrimmage

Coaches may create new scrimmages through our Scrimmage section. Any scrimmages that need opponents will display for opposing coaches in their ‘Available Scrimmages’ section. Share your scrim link to play with any PlayVS team, or in the scrimmage channels in the PlayVS Coach’s Discord server.

Teams may only play one scrimmage per hour. Matches default to the number of games as official matches.

To create a new scrimmage:

  1. In the left sidebar, select the Scrimmage page.

  2. In the right top corner, click "Create Scrimmage".

  3. Fill out the Scrimmage Information then click “Next”

    • Esport (The game your team is competing in)

    • Team (The team that will be competing)

    • Rating (The average experience level of your team)

    • Date & Time (When you are looking to compete)
      ** If your selected options match an existing scrimmage, you’ll be asked if you’d like to join one of them. If those times do not work, select “No, Keep Creating” to continue.

  4. Choose your Opponent

    • Select “Open to any team” if there is no preference, and click “Publish & Share”.

    • Select “Choose a specific team” if you have a team in mind, find the team in the filter below, and then click “Send Invite” to send them an invite directly.

Cancel a Scrimmage

Coaches may cancel a scrimmage directly in the Scrimmage section. Scrimmages with an opponent may be canceled through the match’s Lobby. You will not be penalized for canceling a match.

  1. Locate the scrimmage you would like to cancel in the Scrimmage page.

  2. On the right side of the scrimmage, scroll right and select the three dots.

  3. Click "Cancel Scrimmage".

  4. In the pop-up, confirm and click "Cancel Scrimmage".

Joining a Scrimmage

Coaches can browse all available scrimmages created by opponents in the Scrimmage section.

  1. Filter by the competitive rating, weekday preference, esport title, and state.

  2. Locate the scrimmage you would like to join.

  3. Once confirmed, scroll to the right, and click Join.


What rules or guidelines should we follow for scrimmages?

Although these are unofficial matches, scrimmages are in place to prepare coaches and players for their official in-season PlayVS matches. With this in mind, all players and coaches are expected to follow the the rules provided in our High School Competition Rulebook, follow the guidelines for competition in our PlayVS Game Day Protocol and Match Instructions, and exhibit behavior adhering to our Code of Conduct.

What do we do if we have questions regarding our the rules for our scrimmage on gameday?

We are here to help! Reach out to the Customer Experience team by using the chat icon in the bottom-right of your browser, or by emailing

What do we do if our opponent does not adhere to the Code of Conduct?

To submit a ticket to the Customer Experience team, please follow the steps in our Match Disputes and Behavior Reports article.

Can Scrimmages be rescheduled?

Scrimmages cannot be rescheduled. If a scrimmage needs to be rescheduled, either coach can cancel the existing scrimmage, re-create the match at a new time, and then provide the new invite link for their opponent to join.

Why was my scrimmage quarantined?

Matches without results submitted will automatically be marked as “Quarantined”. More on quarantined matches can be found in our Match Status Guide.

Are there other ways to scrimmage with PlayVS?

Yes! Your team can join the Scrimmage Queue from a completed regular season match, or join the Practice Day Queue from 4-7PM Local during the Regular season.

Where do players see our scrimmage match?

Scheduled scrimmage matches display in the Schedule section for players. They will not be able to create or join matches themselves.

Can our team scrimmage teams in other leagues?

Simple answer - yes! Just share your scrim link with any Coach you are looking to compete against.|

Can my teams scrimmage each other?

Teams from the same school may scrimmage each other. Follow the same steps for creating the match for the first team, and then with the other team, join the match using the steps above.Are scrimmage stats reported on my Team Profile?

The purpose of these scrimmage matches is to provide your teams with an organized practice match environment. Scrimmage stats will not be used for official standings or statistics. They will not be reported on your teams’ profiles.

Are scrimmage stats reported on my Team Profile?

The purpose of these scrimmage matches is to provide your teams with an organized practice match environment. Scrimmage stats will not be used for official standings or statistics. They will not be reported on your teams’ profiles.

Can I scout my scrimmage opponent?

Coaches and players may view opponent stats from the scrimmage match page.

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