IT Steps: Day of Match

Custom Match Join Instructions

Custom Match Setup Instructions

Post-Game Process

Submitting a Forfeit Request


  1. Teams will have 30 minutes after match start time to join the lobby. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.

  2. The Home Team creates the private matches following the instructions displayed on PlayVS and must only start the game after both players have entered the lobby,

  3. Coaches must be in the room monitoring while matches are in session.

  4. Coaches and players are encouraged to communicate with the opposing team via the lobby chat.

  5. Spectators may join the match using the built-in spectator function.

IT Steps: Day of match (at least 1 hour before)

  1. Restart each console and computer.

  2. Update the patch for the game by starting the game on each console and computer as this will trigger a check for any updates.

  3. Give your IT department a heads up and have them on standby if any technical issues come up during matches.

Custom Match Join Instructions

To join a custom match in Rocket League, open up the game client & select Play, Custom Games, Private Match, and then Join Private Match.

Enter Credentials - You will then be asked for the match's credentials.

  • Name: Enter the Home Team's name

  • Password: RL0001

Need Help? - Check with your teammates & opponents in Match Lobby Chat to make sure your credentials are correct.

Custom Match Setup Instructions

To set up a custom match in Rocket League, open up the game client & select Play, Custom Games, Private Match, and then Create Private Match.

Enter the correct match settings:

  • Game Mode: Soccar

  • Arena: DFH Stadium

  • Team Size: 3v3

  • Bot Difficulty: No Bots

  • Region: Recommended

  • Joinable By: Name/Password

  • Team Settings: (No Change)

  • Mutator Settings: (No Change)

Click Create Match.

You will then be asked to create the match's credentials:

  • Name: Enter your team's name

  • Password: RL0001

Post the match name & password in Match Lobby Chat for everyone to join quickly & easily. Once all players accept the invitation and join the match, the game will start.

Post-Game Process

  • Players will share the results of each game and any screenshots with their coach.

  • All coaches are responsible for inputting the results of all games of the match within 2 hours of the last game played.

  • All coaches will input the results by selecting "Add Game Results" from "Mission Control".

Submitting a Forfeit Request for No Shows or Failed Communication Attempts with Opponents

In the event you're unable to get in touch with your match opponent (through Match Lobby Chat, Steam, Epic Games, etc.) within 30 minutes of the match start time you can submit a forfeit request. Submitting a forfeit request needs to go through the support chat on the website (must be logged in and adblocker disabled) and must include some sort of proof for us to confirm the forfeit.

Proof submitted must sufficiently show that the opposing team was not ready to play the match or did not have intentions of playing the match.

Important: By default, rulebooks overrule game day protocols. Please reach out to support if you find conflicting information.

Change Log

  • V.1.0 - Created: October 07, 2020

  • V.1.1 - Updated: October 20, 2020 // added "TL;DR" private matchmaking instructions

  • V.1.2 - Updated: February 17, 2021 // added additional information under Important Notes

  • V.1.3 - Updated: June 2, 2021 // removed college specific information and update links to high school content

  • V.1.4 - Updated: Sept 13, 2021 // removed auto invite & redirect to custom matches

  • V.1.5 - Updated Sept 22, 2021 // Match lobby chat replaces Discord

  • V1.6 - Updated Sept 22, 2021 // All coaches must report results

  • V1.7 - Updated October 1, 2021 // All games must be played in a match

  • V1.8 - Updated October 7, 2021 // Best of 5 format update

  • V1.9 - Updated January 10th, 2022 // Reformatted full protocol, removed duplicate sections, added in-game screenshots to match instructions, added references to the rulebook.

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