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Rocket League Match Instructions
Rocket League Match Instructions
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  1. Three (3) starting players per team.

  2. Join the lobby within the 30-minute grace period.

  3. Communicate via Match Lobby Chat.

  4. Players will receive Automatic Invites for matches via their Epic Games Connection. For more information on this connection, view the Epic Games Account section of the Game Connections Guide.

  5. If automatic invites are unavailable, use the Custom Lobby Process steps below.

  6. Spectators are approved using Match Lobby Chat per Section 7.7 of the High School Competition Rulebook

  7. In the event of any issues, finish the current game, then exit the lobby and notify PlayVS Support for further assistance.

Important: Please review the PlayVS Game Day Protocol here.

Setting Up the Match

  1. In the PlayVS Match Assistant, click Start.

  2. Confirm Starting Roster & Platform.

    • Players without their Epic Games account connected will not be eligible to compete in the match.

    • PlayVS Tip: Issues receiving invites? Your Epic Games account on PlayVS should match the accounts on If it looks correct, take a screenshot and share with PlayVS Support.

  3. Choose Spectator (Optional)

    • Coaches must have their Epic Games account connected as well to receive invites.

  4. All participants open Rocket League.

  5. Click “Ready for Invites” in the Match Assistant on the PlayVS match page.

  6. Accept the Invite in-game and click “Ready” for match.

  7. Match begins when all players have readied up, or at the end of the countdown.

  8. The lobby will set up the following games automatically until the match is complete.

  9. If you need to substitute a player, notify your opponent and use the Reset Game Protocol between games to update the roster.

Note: If automatic invites are disabled, or if you are prompted to do so by a PlayVS Admin, use the Skip Assistant Protocol in the PlayVS Game Day Protocol.

Custom Lobby Process

Create the Custom Lobby (Home Team)

  1. Open Rocket League.

  2. Click “Play”.

  3. Click “Custom Games”.

  4. Click “Create Private Match”.

  5. Confirm these Game Settings:

    1. Game Mode: Soccar

    2. Arena: DFH Stadium

    3. Team Size: 3v3

    4. Bot Difficulty: No Bots

    5. Region: Recommended

    6. Joinable By: Name/Password

    7. Team Settings: (No Change)

    8. Mutator Settings: (No Change)

  6. Use the Team Name as the Lobby.

  7. Choose a unique password.

  8. Click “Create Match”.

  9. Share the Lobby Name & Password in PlayVS Match Lobby Chat.

  10. Do not join a side until all players have joined the lobby.

Join the Custom Lobby (All Remaining Players)

  1. Open Rocket League.

  2. Click “Play”.

  3. Click “Custom Games”.

  4. Click “Join Private Match”.

  5. Use the Name & Password shared in Lobby Chat.

  6. Do not join a side until all players are in the lobby.

Start the Custom Match (All Players)

  1. Home Team shares which side (Blue/Orange) they will join in Match Lobby Chat.

  2. Type “R” or “Ready” in PlayVS Lobby Chat when ready.

  3. Home Team joins the selected side.

  4. Away team joins the open side.

    • PlayVS Tip: The game begins shortly after the first player joins, so ensure all players join immediately after both teams state they are ready in PlayVS Lobby Chat.

  5. After Game 1, repeat the Custom Lobby Creation Protocol until the match is complete.

Important: At the end of each game, record the result in the Match Lobby to ensure results are reported accurately.

Post-Match Process

  • The Automatic Invites will automatically records results and in-game statistics

  • Take in-game screenshots at the end of each game for your records.

  • If the Match Assistant is skipped, coaches are responsible for verifying that results have been reported manually.

  • Matches without results will be quarantined, and risk a match loss for both teams by default.

  • If results are not accurate, then contact PlayVS Support for further assistance.

Important: By default, Rulebooks overrule Match Instructions. Please reach out to PlayVS Support if you find conflicting information.


V2.0 // 2/2/23 - Added lobby

V3.0 // 9/8/23 - Updated for the 23/24 School Year

V4.0 // 1/17/24 - Reformatted to match PlayVS Resources Style Guidelines

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