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This article lists expectations for coaches participating on the PlayVS platform.

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Over the years, there have been a number of understandings and practices that have evolved naturally to provide a great experience for the students involved. This information has been shared among coaches within discord, lobby chat, and through the support site to cultivate this collective knowledge of expectations. We have collected a series of concerns, questions and clarifications for coaches below. The information is nothing new in how participating with PlayVS has been, but is collected to serve as a uniform reference for all coaches moving forward.

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Table of Contents

Seasonal Expectations

  1. Technical Issues

    • Coaches are expected to reach out to PlayVS Support if they or their players encounter any technical issues with the site.

  2. Important Article Coverage

  3. Team Names & Player Names

    • Ensure that team names and player names are not misleading or cause issues within team competitions. Names such as “Bye Week”, “To Be Determined”, “No Game This Week” or other similar names that could be misinterpreted and misleading.

    • Team names and player names must be appropriate and abide by the PlayVS Code of Conduct.

  4. Scheduling

    • Review team schedules weekly.

    • Promptly organize reschedules if needed.

  5. Rosters & Subs

    • Ensure team rosters and substitute benches are updated and abide by PlayVS rules.

    • Substitution windows vary per title. Please refer to the appropriate game title’s Rulebook for this information.

    • Please also check your title’s rulebook for your playoff roster lock time period. Roster locks during playoffs are shorter, such as this example from Hearthstone’s Rulebook mentioned under section 1.2.

  6. Coach Notes

    • Review Coach Notes every week for new game, article, and rulebook updates.

    • Coach Notes can be found on your PlayVS Dashboard and are emailed every Monday during the season.

Gameday and Match Expectations

  1. Check In Time

  2. Attendance

    • Coaches are required to be present during their team's match.

    • For students playing from home, coaches are expected to be present for questions or concerns in the in-product Match Lobby Chat.

  3. Forfeits

  4. Communication

    • All communication regarding matches, match reschedules, and/or conflicts are to be handled via Coach to Coach communication first.

    • If a resolution cannot be made, coaches are expected to reach out to us for assistance at

  5. Match Results

    • Winning coaches have one hour to submit match results after each match concludes.

    • After each match, both coaches are required to ensure match results have been submitted within one hour.

    • If for any reason coaches are unable to submit match results, coaches are expected to reach out to

  6. Disputes

    • For all match disputes, coaches are expected to resolve the dispute with the coach of the opposing team first through match lobby chat.

      • If the match result is not displayed correctly, select the "Dispute Results" button to provide the correct result to a League Admin or reach out to the Customer Experience team directly by selecting the chat icon at the bottom right or emailing

    • Coaches are required to provide in-game screenshots supporting their claim when submitting a match dispute.

    • Coaches are required to submit any match disputes for matches within one week after a match has concluded.

  7. Play Prevention

    • Coaches or other faculty members for a school are required to communicate conflicts preventing play with the opposing team and/or PlayVS.

    • This includes roster changes, absent players, and technical difficulties with the site.

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